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These are highly addictive and will destroy your health over time

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128 points

Hell yea

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109 points

Felt something crawling on my hand so I squeezed my hand shut, turned the light on to find this...

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89 points


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96 points

Guy I work with has no fingernails

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83 points

Inspiring stuff

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109 points

It knows too much!!

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87 points


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100 points

Rock broke my windshield lady week. When I got it replaced I asked for my inspection stickers to be transferred.

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96 points

Two faced baby king cobra

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70 points

The original fidget spinner

Preview 386e73c6 b603 4817 b7f0 f194c1f12fd1
94 points

My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans

Preview b7b0671e 00ad 4ae3 a4d4 0a635773dd6f
86 points

These nails.

Preview b45d441f 30e8 4996 86aa f7d0d6ffdd0a
83 points

Instructions unclear

Preview e3cb98a6 940a 4b7b 8f1d abaa17830d07
82 points

That makes sense now

Preview 844ac7d1 3786 42a2 ab11 c0d62b303004
128 points


Preview 57d1a593 7393 4963 abd0 d546e7e17ffc
120 points

Thicc nails

Preview 86db305d e9ec 40e7 92b0 8c612439d492
107 points

My brain hurts when I think bout that

Preview 13e1af0b eadc 4fb8 8030 9e146a06f917
107 points

Sadly it is true

Preview b4349da0 a25f 4325 8270 e5874d542b70
113 points

This frog jumping just in time

Preview 94ea7ffb cc4b 4298 9316 efcfcaa88d36
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