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This is a camera inside a forniture screw, in case you were not paranoic enough

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Friend's car got so hot it melted the lid, then it re-set

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OP of the baby snake photo here! Here's another pic of the little guy! :)

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16 points

These mints are terrible. Don't buy them ever

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The head part got me scratching my head

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What an unborn chicken looks like

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Shot heroin for 12 years. Today is 4 years clean. I get a tally every 23rd of July.

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Cuz We Respecting Women in 2017

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13 points

Necessary equipment

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Iphone 8 leak

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Your mom is one of the cool ones!

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Another of my favorites books

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Cats dont like pyro.


My husband's hand.

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Find the meaning of my tags

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11 points

Stabilization hole

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64 points

Awesome Business Card

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89 points

My girlfriend's been working hard

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