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I thought this was kind of funny. This onion ring looks like a support ribbon

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66 points

Real sweaty

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I coughed up a staple from a lung lobectomy performed in August 2016.

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96 points

Customer asked me if I wanted to see a picture of his pride and joy

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78 points

Movie night with the wife.

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60 points

Found what appears to be a baby shark in one of my oysters at lunch today

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72 points

Sadly I couldn't get my thumb replaced with my big toe, but I do get half off on palm readings.

Preview c9ef170c edba 4fc8 8b28 0f8a07bcc594
240 points

Reconstructive surgery of my hand

Preview 32621911 9eed 49b7 bca4 0cfce25c2b86
72 points

And you thought legos were bad

Preview 99a17829 d582 4d14 8e0e 2b8b339f08b7
81 points

So distraught

Preview 639bbe63 c63b 4f1a 8509 5565ad45525c
116 points

One of my kids left an earring on the floor.

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81 points

My hands after a shower

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81 points

About to take a math exam. My little brother’s tv remote had one dead battery and my calculator was on the couch

Preview 1398f1f7 afab 428c 9452 8db9ea69f4b7
89 points

Tell it to the hand cos the face aint listening....

Preview 8bf51127 c7c9 43df 9f5a f7a99808a308

My gf got me this ridiculous mug for Christmas

Preview f44377c7 96d2 4420 a47a 21da389d3a15
134 points

My hand didn’t even move yet she was still startled...🤔


Passing time

Preview dd363a83 da23 4095 8a14 a66daf40a5ef

I did not hit her! I did not! This is bullshit!

Preview 56eeb86b 9047 4adf bfde 007d3f5ab967
85 points

the original fidget spinner

Preview 695d2952 1e43 40e5 aa01 dc676b56eca4
90 points

God damn wifi!!!

Preview 3aebc819 08b8 4bf0 a0c6 cd2bd84d469b
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