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Pulled this out of my cats nose.

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84 points

Which must be hard because almonds don't have nipples ?

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74 points

Moblie gamers...

Preview 21e8e7b8 4870 4999 b3a0 ac9f4c81da44
13 points

It hurts every time

Preview 165cac52 1777 449a a487 95541b6457e1
19 points

My frog named Enterprise, hitting warp 7.

Preview 931fbea1 4ebf 4eea 9518 075d2d7309ef
57 points

When memes is life

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19 points

Best served with crackers.

Preview 588ee0fa b24a 48ea b2a4 2dbca7a5e145
22 points

I cant stop laugh

Preview c760b6cb 8095 476e bc97 3d44fb28482b
23 points

I was able to hold the eclipse in the palm of my hand today!

Preview a6d135fb 86ee 4216 a418 44c53a6e8239
12 points

My dysautonomic disorder sometimes causes poor circulation

Preview d09d4d40 f424 41fb 9070 cfac8d47cf75
79 points

Worlds smallest underpants

Preview d5db0a7f fcda 416a 8cd2 7640feab51e9
21 points

Homer nails did

Preview fa061574 414e 442e b234 faad1f4693c1
66 points

My pointer is smaller than my pinky

Preview e47cb649 e22b 472d a57b 8760dbc1b805
77 points

Wearable bring-it-anywhere awesome tool set..

Preview 8533a65e db08 4563 9731 b97f6903b8d1
22 points

Well that’s appealing...

Preview 37613989 0bbb 47c9 946a 78eafbdcc582
14 points

Roll ‘em up

Preview 10ae471f b90f 455d 897d 9956d2fbcaee
10 points

Everything is a ok

Preview 8adadeef 3b9b 4452 b935 d19a99cacd07
20 points

Just Smile

Preview a93f5c6a bd83 429b b524 d44d8455a150
79 points

Shhh be quiet now

Preview c6fc844e 8349 4170 8f31 b0d2ef9202f3
17 points

This is the slightly redesigned Trees of Valinor necklace that I made. Added "Silmarils" are labradorite gemstones. I hope you like it :)

Preview 55c876a0 bfc6 41e9 ae7e ccdb59d633ef

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