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My girlfriend wears too much makeup

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133 points

My cousin found something questionable in his later grandfather's personal items

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Be careful cooking

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275 points


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149 points

Highlighting important parts.

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80 points

Just Poland things

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Just got a phone call from my wife. Not all heroes wear capes!

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149 points

Want a giveaway?

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216 points

Difference between American and Japanese corn

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75 points

Low budget pregnancy pants

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83 points

Is there life after death?

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94 points

Helpful tip

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139 points

Fancy solution

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159 points

The little toe

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167 points

Struggle is real here

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246 points

New lighter. Plasma instead of flames.

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87 points


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72 points

Anime lovers should know..

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65 points

I need this for reasons

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