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10 points

Stabilization hole

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59 points

Awesome Business Card

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78 points

My girlfriend's been working hard

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52 points

I asked for an Apple Watch for my birthday. This is what I got.

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10 points

Last ditch effort?

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11 points

Satisfaction guaranteed

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91 points

DeviantArt was a mistake.

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69 points

So true though

Preview 304432c2 5685 45a2 a261 3533f45a89e9
14 points

This is proven to work

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77 points

With finesse

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10 points

Statement rings who is into this ?

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My father-in-law's rings.

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7 points

My father-in-law's rings.

Preview 48151e33 8f5f 4198 94a0 4dcf3bc0777d
12 points

Good idea for a tattoo.

Preview d4341c7c 5a46 47fe 9b12 681fb58115a1
1 points

Holy shit water

Preview 8d00bd86 6371 4156 9259 96a1f08a46c4
3 points

Is that true? Has anyone tried?

Preview 7a718a18 6f7f 4f47 a968 0a1d24885b16
2 points

My coworker's hand is 2 different sizes, a congenital deformation known as "Type E Brachydactyly."

Preview 1dadfa66 c349 43b7 a0af 89424e545aa8
3 points

Not even shocked.

Preview 8b3635a8 1935 4ebb 81b1 86a73f59a62d
4 points

Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

Preview 69a8761d 5200 425d 979e ec34e9367e08
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