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Ridein solo

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111 points

Mother of Pizzas

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91 points

Soooo I saw this in Venice beach... let’s walk in pairs

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84 points

The lifelike details. 100% accurate

Preview 43b7238f a4d5 4e4a 8bb3 9d8b90822d57
74 points

"I thought the machine wasn't doing good enough!"

Preview 2c233de4 4cf6 4ffd b303 4085ebb01821

This hummingbird was interested in his watermelon.

Preview 2554bc6c aa44 4d68 af17 3de433cdf762

Construction camo.

Preview efc66d0d 7faa 4753 8b40 6c0437bfb7b3
96 points

Since the last one i uploaded got kinda popular, heres another one of my climbs!

Preview c127515c 6a32 424b 99fa 49063de3b1fb

Dont know of this counts here, but this is a picture from one of my climbs.

Preview 165c85ee f946 4429 b028 67d133c5b4c5

doggo says "Luv new daybed mum!"

Preview bee7f168 f152 46e1 95d9 174d9f47f120

Just pickin up some groceries

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93 points

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

Preview 79644eeb 8c2e 4539 9ed9 aec0487ee1ab
112 points

There's a woman in my town waving to cars as she holds a sign that says "Anal Sex"

Preview bce8788b 5053 45ce 9ffe 02376e040d85
127 points

My trip to the edge of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Once in a lifetime event.

Preview 46cc2971 a430 456a a897 5c6eb2424bc8
85 points

London proposed to add this to its buildings in 1934 since infants needed "fresh air and sunlight"

Preview 7def3782 ee70 4c50 9b92 cdf7effe3622


Preview 04f03af1 1c33 4359 9ab3 4113b9f56501
95 points

Meanwhile, In Walmart...

Preview a571a873 a25e 4add b49b c0b43b6e67e2
96 points

Standing Steel

Preview 9c2d1beb 704c 41ea a93b a9afd41bba33

Went Exploring and Found This

Preview 5c348a7c 44ea 44f3 8fae 866a97fabb74
143 points

Car crashes through parking lot wall into an underpass

Preview ea567dc0 ae72 4361 adc6 a906200dd350
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