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115 points

My brain hurts when I think bout that

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101 points

Today's Kids Will Never Know

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94 points

I could never be a vegan...

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69 points

my fiancé gets really freaked out when I show him my “empanada hands”

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98 points

Are we still doing weird hands?

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73 points

Real sweaty

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I coughed up a staple from a lung lobectomy performed in August 2016.

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110 points

Dislodged this booger today, it felt like I was unplugging from the Matrix

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108 points

Reconstructive surgery of my hand

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78 points

My hands after a shower

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102 points

Holding a closed fist for extended periods of time

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My arm one day after donating blood.

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55 points

Can walk 60% faster

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59 points

Pulled this out of my cats nose.

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107 points

Coke Claws

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23 points

My frog named Enterprise, hitting warp 7.

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68 points

Not my arms

87 points

Nice day for a swim


Retrieving a frisbee


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