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Kid's got no chill.

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22 points

Katie circle it...

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76 points

Now that's a forward thinking kid

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17 points

I would hire him immediately

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At the coffee shop when you get hit by this unexpected quote of the day

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90 points

Guess I'm stayin' inside then...

Preview 93087074 3ab7 4357 8e7a be799dd1758d
24 points

My husband's drunk letter to himself

Preview f9957daf cfc4 42a3 83b0 450e8e7c0229
23 points

That's a huge miss

Preview ec507a04 c4b0 4f61 947a 4055caab7c51
22 points

Happy Mother's Day, courtesy of NYC bathroom stall

Preview 0b5949f3 cc7a 404f 9c24 c90358a76aa7
2 points

Give Reddit what it wants

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13 points

Sam Brownback, pioneer of economic growth via massive tax cuts, cannot count to 18

Preview 20c969b1 cc3e 4e20 8c9b c6f6d361c981
22 points

Being Married

Preview 79f3811d 073e 44da a4f7 15687e993af9
20 points

The truth has been spoken

Preview 46227fd7 3220 464f 867e bdf03ef662b0
15 points

You Matter (From meme stash)

Preview 82e9c133 f0bc 48e5 9862 4e4fcb2592dc
14 points

Found some old papers while cleaning out my grandparent's attic

Preview fc642bbf 2c17 4942 ac24 5efeb44df504

I'm so sad.

Preview 5b81b956 3cda 4a7d aa0b b2d4d4777b3e
130 points
Preview 764ddee2 6a17 4662 8e64 b4f0e8ef3283
144 points

Oh ...

Preview 0482194a 6fdc 4747 9461 8b3501dba929
300 points

Saw this at my local shawarma shop. I've never noticed that before.

Preview 9b0cfa34 e286 4c74 8784 ebfde7d240d3
296 points

Best dad

Preview a29f9545 7b92 406e ba07 5c08196f71b9
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