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Currently renovating our floors. Seems everyone has come out of hiding.

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95 points

Employee Fridge at Safeway

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98 points

Can't even do that right 🤦

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93 points

Has been destroying tree all day.

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Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Cocoon

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77 points

Dirty sheets™ A viacom company

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88 points

Flying bee colored penises

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66 points

The most welcoming sign I've ever seen

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117 points

Swiss who?

Preview 7d7b8a60 e8cc 4e4f ad98 b71ff1d3d8b8
10 points

Didn't think bout that one H&M.

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With all the bees dying out there, this was a beautiful sight to see.

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23 points

A rope ladder

Preview be36e619 402a 4174 a95f bfea55d66ead

Ancient Graeco-Roman solid bronze phallic amulet in the form of a pripus with hindquarters of a horse, suspended by a chain, with pendants attached at base.

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15 points

This bird setup nest right by my front door and I have a perfect view from my window. She laid a couple eggs. Anyone interested in daily upd

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73 points

Took daughter to a birthday party. There's something wrong with those bees

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195 points

How many germans does it take to change a light bulb?

Preview 3f44fba7 75ab 48a9 9bdd a2cf176fdeec
259 points

...wanting matching hats.

Preview 91aaa8ef 24f1 4f8c ba09 465b6f3d4f9d
154 points

For Allison

Preview 4949dcd4 717c 4fea ab68 9ff3a597676a
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