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Why Russia hates Germany

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23 points

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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62 points

When I feel sad, I just pull this up and laugh.

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Democracy in Russia

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Heavy metal,, nope Finland national curling team.

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The bane of all fps

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102 points

The shoe kills me every time I see this

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Look who I saw the other day

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89 points

When Windows XP froze so you’d drag the window around

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91 points

My 62 y/o mother dressed as the creature from The Shape of Water for her Oscar party

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98 points

Little crimes

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105 points

My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls.

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102 points

The one thing non-American people "understand" of this Superbowl craze . . .

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104 points

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a photo of me and my wife on the happiest day of our lives..

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95 points

A Koosh Ball Popped, So This Happened

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72 points

Looked up Lesbian Haircut, was not disappointed

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98 points

Plastic surgery anonymous

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95 points

Man locks his head in a cage in an attempt to quit smoking. Wife has the key and only opens it for meals

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104 points

Caught my baby mid sneeze.

Preview 0122f433 9d8b 4ce2 ae4b fc3aeaea0816

The last of my childless friends from college had their first baby recently. They're being adequately initiated.

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