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The Queen knows

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56 points

One last trick up his sleeve...

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110 points

Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran

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113 points

My son usually only reveals this form when he isn’t getting something he wants.

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How to make your daughter popular at school!

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98 points

That time the wizard of oz described the entire internet

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99 points

Santa clause for all ages

Preview de16e4c3 9782 4c38 a9ed 351afcdebc74
71 points

Why all the questions?

Preview 7be6a0c1 3b8b 427a 9785 e80efcecebd9
92 points

Life can be so unfair

Preview f7c29a78 3c97 40fd ae22 744f91b7b1ad
78 points

A smidge of diggity

Preview ca0ae473 c23b 4523 9d2e 66c2e493fcd3
73 points

MMM-Mellie With Too Much Clothes On at the Annual Find the One Truth Contest on White Horse Lawn

Preview 06f95d0e db17 4807 9d6b 86e0e53ea2ca
85 points

Do I have permission to call her buttcrack?

Preview b600b701 1533 454a a97d f637750b8b35
100 points

Happy Gillmore

Preview 67196e1f 6feb 4620 9188 59e66c9a0760
86 points

Fat camp

Preview 37615eb7 9452 422e a256 fcf88aa2c5d6
96 points

Baby delivery - the old fashioned way

Preview 1077a2d1 c7ab 4e65 bf22 c5fe517ef6ca

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

Preview c5845fc6 373a 4054 a459 e40845fb5199
112 points

Dwayne “The Doc” Johnson

Preview 42640fb7 59e7 4252 af53 26cfb597cfb4
104 points

Phone loss

Preview 11f9a1fe fd37 41df 9a38 93ce7255db73
108 points

The better father figure!

Preview ee3e07dc 45b6 4d01 a22f 8f3c49389671
84 points

For the Greater Good..

Preview 18470d37 d03d 4615 8119 4be00c61c420
110 points

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