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Photographed the exact moment this man ruined his shirt at a photo gallery.

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This photo represents the difference between freshman and senior year.

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I skated past a girl, went in for the kiss.

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Not mine..

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24 points

Hello darkness

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70 points

Kids are honest

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72 points

Brooklyn Nine Nine

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35 points

Make-up making a difference

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Just Why?

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14 points

That deer would have wanted to die after this.

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12 points

yap is me lool

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16 points

It's something

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14 points

When your love is strong

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How Vietnamese defuse bombs

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23 points

How would be?

Preview e69d5102 2922 48b0 acb8 7c6690c84682
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I asked if I could take their picture but should've known they wouldn't just smile for the camera.

Preview 4776f5d9 c61a 4485 816a f9095024ea00

Guy from Shrek

Preview 46414da7 8a4d 468f 8b87 1de494a84c9d
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Saw this on Facebook: Look at her right hand. At least it is not green. #hulk

Preview edd2417c fb9e 46ed a848 96d5ad20e350

Look at this dads poor face.

Preview c741efea c84c 47bd a531 6673d1503409
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