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When she is not impressed.

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246 points

Meirl :)

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185 points

Happy Fathers Day

Preview 3cadb9a4 2b02 42cb a1e7 634beb43ffa5
165 points

Banana float

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Preview 2d6d2d49 e949 436d a339 44351124987d
172 points

We’ve got a 2319!

Preview abb5049d f42c 4a38 b4d0 9b64f6ca0ebe
143 points

Well would you look at that!

Preview e191c640 04f3 4c1f bfa9 8d28f8090b8a
142 points

i see no difference

Preview 380530c3 395b 4dab 8901 8f05a7eb554e
129 points

The king of the flame

Preview 754053f0 9b79 4f14 99b2 1f11ccdee788
118 points

Since many of you wanted Gyllenhaal

Preview 4a964124 a4e0 4001 b2c0 15f8f3029f6a
120 points

Honoring a Hero....PSA because no one at the party got the joke.

Preview 0f55993f af19 4758 81e3 2294b781fe71
150 points

Best job description ever

Preview e467c26d a737 4b98 bdae 4adc04041154
155 points


Preview e3e832e0 f0dc 491e 9222 ef1ba55db0c4
112 points

Overhearing people in work talking about the new diet they're trying always reminds me of this.

Preview bf5cfe28 2d5f 4ef3 9960 cde8940ea60e
122 points

Let’s take a nice family photo...

Preview 5d56cc82 f564 42a4 9b65 422460bdf541

Face-swap gone wrong

Preview bcddb566 2ddc 439a 8c37 496755da3afd
139 points

Average Face

Preview 14f3d0e1 c18c 4045 8140 36c76f33bfdd
108 points


Preview c102095b f48d 45d2 a410 5c1ce9734e22

Anthony Hopkins still from his upcoming movie Babushka

Preview 70bc3b3e 250a 4214 8088 b0259db8b5ac
96 points

Perfect timing. Not so perfect moment.

Preview aeb7783c 8394 4102 b4f7 40d9b3ab6cc0

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