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If You Haven't Seen A Baby Moving In A Mom's Tummy, It's Weirdly Amazing!

228 points

What Is Your Ideal Kind Of Home? Watch Mila Kunis’ Surprise Renovation For Her Parents

166 points

Dog Refuses To Move Until Street Performer Finishes His Song Is Sweet

99 points

Bikers Stop To Say Hello To Friendly Quokkas

220 points

This Adorable Tiny Doggo Grabs Her New Giant Lamb Toy Like An Exciting Kid

166 points

Amazing Work! Take A Very Cheap Trip Around The World Using Over 3,300 Google Maps Screenshots!

160 points

I guess she likes them

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203 points

With a happy wife comes a happy life

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407 points

Deserved it

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178 points

Some friendships last forever..

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And some get banned...

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Never doubt him!

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*grabs popcorn*

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Make me a sandwitch

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197 points

That's the guy who played Hellboy

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329 points

The Lord of the Rings 15 Years Later

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