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My niece met the Easter Bunny!

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Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher, then and recent

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Cable car in Japan, 1970s

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"These two Brazilian fireman rescued a pretty fabulous sloth..."

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Can she be our Queen now? Just look at those eyebrows !!!

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Is this the real life?

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This makes me so uncomfortable 'cause of I dunno reasons

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Man lost half his face due to cancer

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Brotherly love

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Gotta catch em all, scientifically

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Everything was fine, but then...

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Response to guy who posted about his favorite martial artists. Here's mine.

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Look closely

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Martin Luther King and Obama in one picture

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I am always hard at work , what about you ?

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The saddest book that I have ever read, almost cried

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23 Pictures That Prove The Queen Is The Most Relatable Monarch. Happy birthday your majesty :)

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Do you know that feeling?

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But I'm not crêping up

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200TH SPECIAL aka get ready to cringe lols


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