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Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

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82 points

Mama Freighter nursing her young

Preview cce87e15 a587 4a4e bcce 90bdbd0077d5
62 points

This is 125ft up IIRC. Seemed mildly r/Sweatypalms given that you don't have the harness clipped on here.

Preview 5579a45a 4f03 4968 bd87 6e3b01441d03

Migingo Island, population of 131, only 0.0008sq mi of dirt

Preview 34cb5a58 45c7 440c b83c 92f72fd7db40
85 points

Japan is ready for W.W.III

Preview 9639a16c e47a 42dd b04f 062b0f84b055
52 points

Beat the Dad

Preview 1bd36274 7894 49d6 87f1 df494098fdb8
71 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #194 german destroyer Z-39

Preview b698fc4b 6d6e 4449 b684 33e81ce52ca0
57 points

Incredible photo of a lighting strike over a Hudson River - New York

Preview 3c108737 53e9 4604 831f 85661f2fc165
23 points

I took a picture of a seagull at the London Eye

Preview d883c593 e830 4cee b29d 8325b6d2216e

I'm not high

Preview 18137f16 d5e3 4aa2 a4fd 09b9c894ff2e
105 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #218 german frigate Bremen and USS Iowa

Preview 04151f02 a0f6 45f6 a580 67c297e45607
116 points

Uploading a warship picture everyday #85 HMS Dreadnought

Preview 0c41b0c5 15c8 4edd a05e 4c8b7b5a3aae
12 points


Preview dff1f9f0 a0fc 4f22 a05e e0333ae3ac2c

Boat name

Preview cae5ae0f af6c 439a 891c 972deb7698eb
67 points

Bro, do you even lift?

Preview bf41af72 a6ad 4380 aeef 05430826d83f
65 points

Halki, Greece

Preview 08ba5ba8 39be 4bfc a9e0 8d1dfc0042a6

Baby ships nursing in the wild

Preview 3f310c2f aa9a 4984 bffe da560cb30bba
14 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #169 russian cruiser Moskva

Preview a9f040a8 d248 4d3f 8bc3 eabde8e7accb
187 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #160 HMAS Darwin

Preview d464bda9 3531 48fe a83f 21811bcc1e35
102 points

This heavy-lift ship is a giant vessel of tech

Preview 6045b767 8191 43ca a38f 4c038d9202e3
97 points

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