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Best show ever

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Crystals growing on a skull

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18 points

Life imitating art

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Everything is so right on this picture

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19 points

Too soon?

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19 points

I love redheads

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11 points

My adorable sports-illiterate husband sent me this because I'm the maniacal sports fanatic in my marriage. But he's so handsome. 😂❤️🏈🏀

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94 points

You know that balloon that blew up in the 1930s?

Preview a309e563 2637 4be8 a5dd c75b0c948d85
21 points

so what's next Carl?

Preview 5294be5d 87f7 4312 a7c0 2643381df0e4

Back in my day

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22 points

I'm done eating pussy

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5 points

There's no cure...

Preview 7781d92c 4665 4a87 8078 b6d36957e334

Artist creates the most amazing artwork using just a pen and a banana

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6 points

F**k good taste, I'm a Princess

Preview d3cff76e fac0 42b0 9290 981435e13dea
62 points

Hahahahahaha... I'm fat.. send help or nudes

Preview b6b5b722 3073 4f15 9c60 c4d789af1fbc
116 points

When you're chewing mint gum and you drink water

Preview 747c2b96 46d9 4ad4 9b02 ebf70105155b
4 points

Apple's Homepod will start at $349

Preview 0a908435 6114 4795 acda 478aaeb69456
9 points

Noot noot

Preview 789bc2c6 481b 4c93 9976 ae06f8936eb8
7 points

Good guy fundamentalist

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6 points

This isn't your daddy's Vietnam!

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