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Awesome chefs hat

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41 points

This sun giving a shoulder rub to this navy officer.

Preview c05fcfad 5412 49ef b42e c7753c0793f7
67 points

Me irl

Preview cf89d607 818a 4928 aa5d 02396fc7c603
76 points

Most stylish man on the tube.

Preview da9a2798 6ab0 4b5f 9dff 596e5ce34378
17 points

Matter of perspective

Preview fcd1eb6d 8c35 4c37 95ec a11dcf8d1acd
20 points

My Dad who is blind dressed as a pirate for Halloween.

Preview 6bc47060 d16e 4431 a503 67ae9706f786
15 points

Evil Government.....

Preview 15ef2de6 0ab4 47f8 8692 0902fb51106d
18 points

Found this in the shoe department of a local thrift store.

Preview 55f93f83 733d 4234 8357 b300bf6329b8
16 points

All good

Preview 6b1672cb 7f53 4430 8b65 31c48458a076
40 points

I wasn't able to make it home for Thanksgiving this year. My dad just sent me this.

Preview a38e2ead 4355 437f a991 9a8d9846d38b
101 points

It's okay, I only exist to be your stepping stone to the window.

Preview 9fb1bc7d 1185 4f54 b1f9 ea244a6538e5

Being a hot dog can be scary

Preview fa582937 35c8 4cf4 881b bdbb5fdd0f95
23 points

I love Adam's twisted sense of humor.

Preview 710e27d4 f03c 450e bee6 db04c8ffd7d9
98 points

Now l know where cappuccinos come from.

Preview ae64841a bebe 4d73 8cd8 344e015b4d09
24 points


Preview 532d9924 fa85 4285 800c b8ade16a2a35
18 points

Best show ever

Preview f8772e5c 9c7c 47d7 b736 1ab01e51d90e

Crystals growing on a skull

Preview defd8b03 7803 4e6e a6d6 281733447fd3
21 points

Life imitating art

Preview c548a45b 5349 412a adb8 d5e146041709

Everything is so right on this picture

Preview 52f6a00b f9b3 4a57 b546 ebc069a2f8b4
22 points

Too soon?

Preview 6b578fc9 5e83 4746 a864 b154336f231b
22 points

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