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Larry is going places

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60 points

American Bald Eagle changing path mid-flight after seeing a new target

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Well howdy pardner!

Preview 8d2a3c16 de45 49f9 b0f8 4a746550022d
79 points

Hawk gives no fucks 🔥

Preview 4601f9bf e59b 4f03 9bb7 e2448f2e6a88

The Crown Prince of Dubai and his eagle

Preview b032adf9 b234 4fc0 81fc 60674108ddd2

The Philippine Eagle

Preview 77256515 ce4f 4944 a416 941343e4839c
21 points

Eagle Catching A Drone

Preview 42771219 a8b4 44c5 9931 edb6b1b2a79b

Human hawk

Preview 8c732e07 84e8 4ae3 adc8 a8a7bcfcb929
16 points


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Bird lady

Preview 31a82f46 1cc7 4ecc 8adc 6da8fe2991f9

Le fish: "get me baaack where you gooot mee"

Preview 69f90754 764e 431d a5f3 d78f9f6fc2ab
34 points

When he wants sum fuk but she said no.

Preview 182aca6d e6c7 45d7 b486 2f857066fa54
23 points

Bird lady

Preview 1f1503c0 4e98 4263 9d26 cd5173ea3525
16 points

The Philippine Eagle

Preview 87efc258 1097 43fa b465 14662378b356
13 points


Preview 0f118a26 fb83 4ae3 a1a6 0cd6578b455b
15 points

Found this little girl in my backyard. She couldn't fly. Took her to the local Wildlife Agency, turned out to be a Peregrine Falcon

Preview 10ec320e f2b4 47da b782 7c6adcf56652
142 points

I can show you the world

Preview 5acc5103 bd63 41ed 9ada 43020d21410b
13 points

These 5 planes in formation

Preview 28491439 dbea 4706 88fd 5027bbcb25f1

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

Preview 997eee25 1da4 4f59 a04e 638be48bacec
19 points

Nicolas Cage

Preview 5249286a f89a 452d aa2a de8e993bf4db
239 points

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