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My dog giving his thoughts on ending a walk

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Dual head horse

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109 points

Mama cow picked a rather rude place to relieve herself.

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Pancho the flying Beagle puppy

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High Protein Hay Bale

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54 points

Not mine

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81 points

Lovely ponytail.

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99 points

So that’s how it’s done!

Preview 01c9ad24 a185 4740 8f59 11a88726a861
78 points

Where is autocorrect when you need it

Preview a7638b88 2951 491d af7a bb42d65abec3
47 points

Just another day on the farm

Preview c7fbe8c7 c55b 40b6 9221 54f96c7eba8e
52 points

Bet you can relate

Preview ce4f9ab2 578d 4c29 acf2 69fbf9662a26
55 points

The coolest cow ever (not mine)

Preview cae67230 7612 488b 85c1 1baab860cd19
80 points

Blue-poppies at Mount Fuji, Japan.

Preview 36f31350 dc75 4cc0 804f 9e48cc59670f
65 points

If this post reaches hot

Preview 27760fe8 a9db 4410 afde 932a0dc4237a
151 points

Coyote had a rough go of it

Preview 589d1d3a f0a2 4a3b aa29 6446e20ddf0e
56 points

Top marks to the deer on the right for a magnificent set of antlers

Preview b482d92c fbde 4aa0 a025 883049e5b610
17 points

This pic I took of my dog looks like a crime scene photo.

Preview 2e2b8243 9d67 4609 8793 6c7935280662
114 points

From a Bee Keeper's Pregnancy Photoshoot

Preview f34cd25f 510a 4c93 b0f4 6bd20597de38
50 points

When you're a beekeeper but you also want a classy maternity photo

Preview d24a21f1 ab31 4a78 b5e7 6e9054bfea2b
72 points

Gets sit on but makes friend

Preview 7a9bae3b 7def 4a04 a3c0 456bee646a68
71 points

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