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I see dead...pool

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68 points

I'm not the only one here who can relate

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Fidget spinner for life

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12 points

Made me twitch

Preview 407a1e03 8147 47b1 a6c4 a7e1a19978f8

Why is this me

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9 points

People would drive from miles around for grandma's muffin

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15 points

Pls f**king fix this

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15 points


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15 points

I don't think I've ever seen anything more ironic

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17 points

Put some respecc on my name.

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19 points

Pull me undeeer, pull me undeeer

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2 points

I got hit in the eye with a rocket

0 points

Well they didn't got shot.

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1 points

I'm not jealous :)

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18 points

It's time to stop

Preview 474c36e3 460e 44cc b9d2 5c6d8ac2b6a8
80 points

Always be nice to the weird kids

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78 points

Apply cold water to burned area

Preview c2dd784f caaa 4350 b0c2 8ba2177a60de

This Girl Throws Siriusly Witty Harry Potter Jokes At People

Preview fd4ba4a1 51bf 46f5 801e 9bf2bef2c1a9

To the guys posting stupid quotes..

Preview 99c1e3c9 320a 42a5 8368 478542ce0bf9
85 points

I'd go for a mediocre Euron Greyjoy level

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