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There's always that one student

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Fyi just watched 4 seasons in 4 days

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Average life expectancy male 77.5 years. Female 83.2.

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If it dies, I'll finally be saved from seeing the same posts over and over again on hot

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One of my favourite quotes from Doctor Who

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Shit was lit fam

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Nice smile

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23 facts about Jim Carrey films

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A fist full of facts about the “Rocky” franchise

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Not mine

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Pun of the day

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I feel like there should have at least been a sign out front

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No idea how to get this out of fresh but I couldn't resist after seeing the post.

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Yokabo got no chill!

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You are not ugly just poor .

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I'm glad they putin the russians.

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I see dead...pool

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I'm not the only one here who can relate

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