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Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

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It's a thing now

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Gonna eat the booty like groceries.

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16 points

Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

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100 points

Just take the green of or eat it, you aint gonna die

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This candle is usually found right next to a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign.

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11 points

Root and Boot

Preview 0c8cd64f 29c1 4907 ae9d d8fb3d3ed19c
12 points

Work Karma

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An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

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Butterfly breaking the rules.

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B*tches be crazy

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Found my ex in the Natural History Museum

Preview 79c98039 ba35 42d6 8432 53e846fc109f
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Ugly truth from a professional doc

Preview 084360af 6e87 4edd 9388 f13ecba493ad
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I never thought beards could do that. Health benefits of having a beard.


This tomato tried absorbing his neighbor.

Preview 13aa6ea9 f8e0 403f bd00 78e01e37c72d
10 points

Heart tattoos are awesome!

Preview f17907c4 1dc9 44d0 9ade 7e51a4476632
14 points

We all know someone

Preview 0e458a26 0a73 4f3b 8603 1d9ce454059c
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If Modi had 40 Watermelons...

Preview 630291fb bfe9 46c5 9429 8a05ed62c8e9
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The perfect person doesnt exi...

Preview 676b3313 a9f6 4ff7 afeb 2e51500f1ae9
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Looks like Pepper finally got her own suit

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