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Thats a good boy

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13 points

What do you do when you get a vibrator stuck in your rectum? Why, you use salad tongs to pull it out, of course!

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23 points

There’s something wrong with my dad’s elbow.

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13 points

This image rape my mind

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19 points

Baby and Adult Teeth

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17 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

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22 points

Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into have my finger partially amputated woke up to this gem

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19 points

Banana for scale? (not mine but what the f**k!)

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16 points

How weed babies are made .

Preview cd92f22f 7d4e 4eef b4a4 a0673ed7e3b2
23 points

Urn vibrator

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19 points

seriously doc

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14 points

I just told you he's gone

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18 points

Sat on a dagger moth caterpillar while driving. Didnt realize what was going on for 10 minutes

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23 points

Just answer the Damn question

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24 points

I stubbed my toe

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19 points

Is this where I am supposed to write?

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20 points

Cloudboye visits the dogtor

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89 points

I don't think this is how a urinal is supposed to work.

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24 points

Get motorcycle they said it's will be fun they said...

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