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I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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122 points

Science 101

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96 points

Girlfriend took a pregnancy test and sent me this...

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102 points

We've all been there...

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91 points

The old game “Hide The Pickle” is a family Christmas tradition. Who knew.

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50 points

Desert is served

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80 points

I've grown a new tooth...at 25 years old

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69 points

I was peeing when i saw this on the shelf.

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56 points

A high dependency patient's blood sample after a two day drinking binge.

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95 points

Doggo saves lives

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71 points

WTF is going on with this guy’s leg?

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68 points

I was peeing when i saw this on the shelf.

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108 points

My beer can has some good advice

Preview 397a0fec 2302 43de a3da 355c8a5b87d9
70 points

Found this while working in the middle east. Yes, it is scented.

Preview c1f7a78e 123a 4530 b509 d9bd65bee988
75 points

What's your most favorite show of all time? For me it's definitely Scrubs. My opinion: It's a majestic adventure with tons of laughs and tears.

Preview 6ab51d4b 6f32 4e76 a9c7 c25e444dff73

My friend collects bugs this is one of his favorites.

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127 points

Slyvester got a new job

Preview c11f2338 28ea 4b44 a51e d399af3306a2
102 points

Would you let this man vaccinate you?

Preview e2ce32ea 33b9 46ff 9beb 4bf5b775f37b
68 points

Metal Arts class can be a pain in the....

Preview 66a483af e4e1 482a 8cbf b93426d463d8
78 points


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