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Rainbow carrots.

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15 points

Naked watermelon

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8 points

No potato but still...

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14 points

The coffee from the beginning until we drink.

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19 points

Harvested this giant zucchini. frightened corgis for scale.

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18 points

Valentine Tacos. Greetings from Mexico!

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4 points

If Modi had 40 Watermelons...

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2 points

How grapes are made.

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72 points

This seemingly bowl of pasta is actually a bowl of worms taken from someone's intestine

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48 points

How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps!



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14 points

This Strawberry Looks Like a Butterfly

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3 points

This was growing on my strawberry... Captain? Wtf...

Preview e85e772a 24b3 4a39 999d bf68c89713d6
2 points

These strawberries

Preview f7465964 2fbd 4056 a3e3 70c27e0caca4
97 points

‘Cloud eggs’ are the latest crime against breakfast

Preview a0726538 4d5a 4344 8277 9b93eccbc510
3 points

At least take the skin off...

Preview 972dc8a5 e364 4e87 8ce8 f56f9b43df3b
4 points

Learn the difference...

Preview 78cc5f32 36c0 46a6 97b5 3cc634bd5c35
7 points

"Honest man"

Preview a7ce66a4 cda5 43fc 843a 790229548686
137 points

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan

Preview ef5598cc 3c9d 4c8e 853f 4f0f70b19a2e
128 points

What A Condom Full Of Spaghetti Looks Like

Preview e1b8e87b 056d 499d 8edf 53349528e9d7
134 points

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