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How do you like them apples?

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57 points

Sure you can live without a triceratops taco holder... But DO you want to???

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65 points

Saw this post and I felt like something's missing..

Preview 280318a7 744a 46d8 aac8 5ffe27d3bba4
14 points

He died fighting. Respect.

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11 points

I'd still give em a good squeeze to be sure.

Preview c2fbc009 fa4c 4fb2 aedd 21ad81e2da16
42 points

Milk Steak

Preview 4c4c4c0d 8630 4932 ae2a d10a07863862
73 points

WTF ! Pumpkin Carving Contest :P

Preview d8a1541a 8a3e 4f8c a706 ff87a53e98fa
98 points

Cellphone Found in Salad From Chili's

Preview 6b93d05c 02fd 441a acb5 6ecf429235af
24 points

Happy Thanksgiving

Preview c32ecf1d d9f1 4102 b712 eabc9ee94052
41 points

Me in the Winter vs me in the Summer

Preview b33f36d4 bc95 4a3a 909b b25f4fa38bf7
23 points

Watermelon Owl

Preview d143d041 8bc4 4877 867c 79f0951f78b8
20 points

This is why I have trust issues

Preview e59b0a35 b560 4a5b 852a 1acd3ea9a882
41 points

Send noots

Preview 549d8970 c335 4352 abd9 74706f4055d0
71 points

I love fries, so much

Preview 95045974 47bb 4b46 96a8 5eb3f74a167e
63 points

Happy bday Linux!

Preview e9b48039 ae43 4bd0 b3ce 77a2db8a346b
75 points

I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple.

Preview 88905ca1 4c2e 46c3 8b7e 1186ec97bdee
93 points


Preview 6a4695a0 9435 44ec 8b50 fe5d35995d2b
64 points

Visiting Grandma

Preview b5ec1365 1bec 4554 9378 aacf0e00f141
22 points

Found this pretty little pink berry (I’m assuming it’s a berry) today. It was so bright I saw it while driving past on the road, had to stop and get a picture.

Preview 81829cc8 aa64 4f89 a655 fe0c0bb313fc
82 points

The coloring on these tomatoes

Preview 872387fa 6592 4229 993f e00cb16e1ae0
13 points

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