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Its not a real bird, but it sure looks like it

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Just another emo meme

Preview 67dbc392 ba44 47a6 8921 40a4b6fa252c
11 points

Perfect Toaster

Preview 00bac386 148a 4cc4 b0b9 e2360a2ccbce
21 points

No.. Just No

Preview ed4edf29 5547 4cff b26f 966aa02c46bc
23 points

Can we reschedule the sun?

Preview 29e9e9d7 c1fb 442e a812 3359b7197236
16 points

This Chicken

Preview c0f1ad38 ce15 467f bdee 1c449e0375b9

I didn't get the job that I've always wanted and now my boyfriend just broke up with me

Preview d7ddbe03 d8f4 449c a4d2 67329fce64c2
53 points

This RV burning. Pic taken 20mins ago

Preview b963d209 166e 485e bc35 5229199e6adb
41 points

Dragon dog

Preview 13b90fb2 7acd 442f a24e a19bbfbf46e4

Thought I'd share my first pumpkin carving ever.

Preview ae84be33 1bf0 49b0 9626 c9d62191ecb4
17 points

Lava looks so damn tasty

Preview 4d4df4be e6d9 4209 87d7 ff5ecdbd4fd3
19 points


Preview 8d431dba b882 4760 8e09 1e0be7c35997
14 points

Hot Dogs

Preview 8929d048 612c 497b 84f2 64b2d752ee66
23 points

He later died in the hospital

Preview 878d4008 6df4 48a7 8114 dce911b548a1
22 points

Perfect timings - The Fire Spirit!

Preview 4c532554 60d1 4976 95d7 4cf0445079b1

Sorry Hans u will not be getting ur flammenwerfer anytime soon

Preview ebc71300 416e 4722 831f f30ad2a3f38d
3 points

Using internet advice to try and win a fight with your girlfriend

Preview e920bff0 76dc 4326 9fea a44a97a39d70
12 points

This BBQ grill

Preview 162deabf fc03 4031 83fb f73a86efaea2
14 points

Think about the children

Preview baa4e9ce 96f7 430f 803c 4f6e0867e62c
97 points

When you feel more important than the sun

Preview 9e336657 db69 4d6e 87af 6438bc642b41
22 points

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