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Lava looks so damn tasty

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11 points

Hot Dogs

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19 points

He later died in the hospital

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15 points

Perfect timings - The Fire Spirit!

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Sorry Hans u will not be getting ur flammenwerfer anytime soon

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Using internet advice to try and win a fight with your girlfriend

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7 points

This BBQ grill

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11 points

Think about the children

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93 points

When you feel more important than the sun

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18 points

Caught a fire dragon!

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Houston Rockets Mascot scares the sh*t out of Dwight Howard and other players


Perfect picture...

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The post above

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6 points

Temporary brain cancer

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15 points

Poor cate

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15 points

E.T. landed in Eastern Europe

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Fire breathing Doggo

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14 points

Meanwhile, back at the fire pit...

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Legend has it if you stare too long she will burn into your soul...

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