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Temporary brain cancer

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10 points

Poor cate

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E.T. landed in Eastern Europe

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Fire breathing Doggo

Preview 49bf7f1b 117c 4c45 9d78 5cb6106b4801

Meanwhile, back at the fire pit...

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7 points

Legend has it if you stare too long she will burn into your soul...

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10 points

Bless you

Preview b0458d19 f7ca 48bd be4d 0912c76b1202
88 points

Iceland seems nice but the volcanoes ...

Preview 3a00a7f2 2178 4d0d 9934 1cd41029304f

Italian Nuclear Test!

Preview 36f3ac72 ee6b 4c01 b69a 6abeebf89df7
3 points

Fire breather looks like he's kissing a fire dragon

Preview a546bf5e 8516 4799 9729 73c879781772
2 points

German WiFi is the wurst

Preview 99633399 4453 403a bda7 40b0fcc3fc41
3 points

Awwww to Mmmmm

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230 points

A fire breathing dog

Preview 928e8939 0216 4330 b7dc 2314e203b254
100 points

When wife is not at home. only 3 left

Preview 532cd1ba 01ab 4a76 8341 588e2e5a1ebb
82 points

When the black kid in class says white people don't have a culture

Preview 039ebc37 8aa1 424b becb a87a7baf742c
207 points


Preview f2f627d4 42eb 4bf4 8b1b 8fb916ff40df
241 points

Wait ... how?

Preview 19c6586b 92a1 4c5d a402 145f4b867937
82 points

When your mom tells you to come eat and she didnt even start cooking

Preview 456a0f61 c726 41ab bc18 722bf3abb6f1
249 points

Classic Grandma ...

Preview 4a7f1c7c 1784 461e 95f6 df9a80283c69
148 points

Classic Grandma ...

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