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22 years ago, this man sacrificed his life to save the world. Happy Independence Day.

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113 points

Look again.

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136 points

Painful Soccer Kick

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132 points

The Sequel we Deserve

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68 points

This goose who didn’t want golfers on his turf

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Fuck golfers

Preview 5af34bec 4397 484b a909 f582b0abb177

When she says she’ll be ready in 5 minutes

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120 points

As a Houstonian, this is the most 'Houston' thing I've ever seen.

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104 points

A mountain bikers suspension "fully compressed"

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116 points


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109 points

Every year on good Friday this man comes into our Bar dressed up as a Roman soldier

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82 points

The real reason the Kardashians plague our planet

Preview 0212ba42 5266 4ce7 8324 55fab625e8f3
93 points

Gonna go get the good SUCC.

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86 points

Saw these two today.

Preview 6946f2ad b062 4441 9324 57e9b44c5e3b
95 points

Justice !

Preview 5e7dad80 b226 42e3 82f2 b1e1427db4ca
115 points

House cat found in ice.

Preview f6e8f003 84a8 4c3c 9bc0 b71c66e9e21e
107 points

Accidental X-Men cosplay team

Preview 80f81e34 e69c 496f aca6 7aface958875
71 points

When you accidentally use Apple maps instead of Google.

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102 points

An Irish hurlers teeth being knocked out

Preview 540b17a6 41ab 4ffe 8583 661f0a8a0821
101 points

Just keep walking son. Don't make eye contact

Preview 953427be f976 4eff a260 e4e0dae18b20
104 points

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