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This motorcycle helmet.

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76 points

Elon Musk the Bond villain

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"I hope brandons grandpa getting stronger from his cancer. amen" they said

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79 points

The First Order tracking the Rebellion through lightspeed

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82 points


Preview eae930cd 3af2 4c28 9d14 506c8294ef9a

This sun giving a shoulder rub to this navy officer.

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85 points

Good Elon.

Preview dcdd55bd d9f7 4701 98f8 c7937f53cfe7
75 points

Okay Lenin

Preview 12fc01b2 32ca 4e41 a19f 11d7bbf3b4fe
41 points

When a new player joins the game

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78 points


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16 points

Stupid real life!

Preview 3c65f788 a948 4c6f b5d5 4ed56818da0c
13 points

Not quite sure why he's so many people's favorite character.

Preview 27ec3635 cc08 44af bebf 859a01433555
61 points

The little motorcycle that could

Preview 5f9fb5d8 18d6 4154 bce4 365ece59ea69
19 points

Batman is always home alone

Preview b4b1535e a3d5 4659 b0b2 0f5dc9841b10

Guess who bought loot crates.

Preview c2dc29e5 c1af 4d9f 90b5 06dd6c0f6351
18 points

When your sword isn't effective against your enemy

Preview 8a8a4718 a1cf 4815 9a58 5b0908a24625
87 points

Googled Solid Snape by mistake

Preview 1587a416 5e4b 4e99 ad90 f6d974b18655

A Explosive Fart

Preview d412a716 3105 41e0 833a 0d1b6c455569

No critics here, hust manted to share the fact

Preview 1b98af32 3748 427f b396 613d7d406698
87 points

Stalin's favorite

Preview d19df1c5 0af8 4890 8f65 70843a8bda04

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