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Batman is always home alone

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Guess who bought loot crates.

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13 points

When your sword isn't effective against your enemy

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83 points

Googled Solid Snape by mistake

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A Explosive Fart

Preview d412a716 3105 41e0 833a 0d1b6c455569

No critics here, hust manted to share the fact

Preview 1b98af32 3748 427f b396 613d7d406698
22 points

Stalin's favorite

Preview d19df1c5 0af8 4890 8f65 70843a8bda04

At a MLB game

Preview b5a33f0a 1833 4ebe b987 c30dab735032
22 points

German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

Preview b8375c16 0f63 4c37 98be 185dd9414945

The doggo 1976s

Preview 58dd91f5 a877 4152 9c8e 32171dc5c97d
19 points

Fine, after war then

Preview a6451fcc 1977 4e98 91fd ee35c93cda0e
20 points

What the heck is he thinking?

Preview eed26ab8 4d1a 423a a89f f4070387c641
19 points

YouTubeRed xD

Preview ab38352a 9095 4a47 9227 c9b793da4c89
11 points

The Three Riders

Preview 05e4a937 72a5 4cf9 a7aa f717f9bbe280

Winter is coming (art by RogueLiger)

Preview 38b0f1a4 7b51 49e4 a58c e9e7493fd1ce
24 points

About to go medieval on yo ass

Preview 7f20418e b857 4795 88c9 4e6b6114f6aa
19 points

Some art fot you by Nivanh Chanthara

Preview 3cb73e13 1546 4ece a7ae 1457cf3c45d7
10 points

The battle of the century

Preview 2f4ffc1f 0543 4000 bc0c d5960f9e814d

Nobody read this

Preview 9a37cddf db0d 4858 99d7 767e1a176379

Formula One World Champion Jackie Stewart wearing an early helmet camera to capture on-board footage, 1966.

Preview 4c5d87e2 6150 4bee a671 2f404e905224
18 points

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