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A GOOD BUG IS A DEAD BUG ! And they come back.

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The majestic Hindenbork glides through the skies above the hooman.

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Wtf fact of the day

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5-3 3dgy 10-6 me

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11 points

Name this superhero

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Jupiter's creepy face

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15 points

The Myth. The Legend.

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8 points

Always give respect

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Those moments in life where you appreciate those guys.

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This is the most British thing I can imagine

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Please my trusty steed.

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The conspiracy theories are true

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Welp blyat!

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These girls don't mess around.

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3 points

Belgian one (we have 3 languages)

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He is the BEST.

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For all my brothers out there, spring is coming drive safe

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Get ripped for Terra !

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Which is obviously true

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