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How Unicorns are made

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73 points

Took a picture of some cooking bacon right when the grease popped

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Just walked outside my apartment to find 8 dead birds laying about

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101 points

Recent flood waters left a calf hanging in a tree

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86 points

Low carb and gluten free salad!

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68 points

I'm ready!

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82 points

When you know its wrong but you want to see what happens

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94 points

Plant shaming

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99 points

I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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95 points

Bird made from old CDs

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60 points

Ant looking up at camera

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A friend of mine just sent me this picture telling me that his mom bought vegetable seeds at a discounter and that's what she got after planting them.

Preview 26dd74f6 e3eb 419d b201 471f7f54995e
73 points

A few bugs when opening the cabin

Preview f9d026e4 4ad3 4fb7 ad21 6727538ed013
40 points

Fig trees are damn stubborn.This one is living in a concrete wall.

Preview e31473a5 49a0 4ebb be0b aa73843fe238
45 points

Fairy Plant

Preview 411cf6ae f7ee 4957 951d 0cfbfedd02db
76 points

This kale plant

Preview 61209a66 9365 4fc4 a444 3ccddba9b29d
19 points

How weed babies are made .

Preview cd92f22f 7d4e 4eef b4a4 a0673ed7e3b2
114 points

Golden plover chicks sport moss camo

Preview a7f6e33d ed9b 4ac7 b313 1189446c30ed
64 points

Golden plover chick looks exactly like a piece of moss

Preview c4a46a30 8279 4cd8 b20d ef43fd7eb079
82 points


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