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Cable car to Mount Hua, China

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Drinking Coffee and Getting High


photo taken from 33rd floor, no safety-anything. but it is ok, they were probably wearing saftely-flipp-flops.

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50 points

Getting to Cabane de Bertol in ski boots was fun

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Slo-Mo Footage Of Impossible Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Better Than Fireworks

102 points

BW Architects re-design an 1840′s Greenwich village townhouse in NYC

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23 points

Air pollution over Salt Lake City

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31 points

Superman Escape

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This needs a repost

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72 points

Sky has a melody!

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17 points

Good old memories

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51 points

Recess back in the 1900s

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67 points

Take a picture on the edge of the cliff with a self timer.

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First Time Riding an Airplane

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23 points

Line maintenance

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52 points

A rigger crosses a disgustingly high beam above the National Stadium in Singapore


About 1000ft off the deck trying to dry my palms off

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Same counts for southern Germany

Preview 5de85779 939b 4fd6 8342 bd2aae32be06

Photo of a volcano eruption from a plane

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22 points

Guy gets busted while climbing a large crane in a construction zone.


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