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DOT warning this morning.

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Trying to access the frontage road hi-way 75 Richardson TX .... Now what do I do?

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9 points

Glass floor in the Tokyo Skytree

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Just something I see every morning

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10 points

Upscale roadkill

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11 points

This truck's reflection perfectly aligns with the horizon

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14 points

In the Nightly Tokyo Spotlight

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13 points

My local dairy queen everyone.

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14 points

Just another day on the Florida Turnpike

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13 points

Mad squirrel

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When the shadow matches your personality

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69 points

This bee looks suspicious

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12 points

Spider-Man clocking cars on my commute this morning.

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14 points

Spider-Man clocking cars on my commute this morning.

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10 points

Why is everything about farts in denmark...

Preview a4250245 b819 4821 9b8c 66d4afad60d8
75 points

You're good bro, floor it

Preview 8e608c32 d22e 4fbd b6d2 93e11d29a9cd
8 points

Be Careful Where You Park Your Bike

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Mid-morning snack.

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Saint Meme, our holy sanctuary.

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