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I couldn’t believe we got 4” of snow last night, I had to check and see for myself.

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96 points

Call of the nature ...

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22 points

Found some dentures while Ice Fishing

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52 points

I'm Mr Meeseeks

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65 points

Odell Beckham Jr. pranking people into thinking they hurt him!!

107 points

Today I got a like on a post of mine from a year ago. Duudee how deep in fresh are you?

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68 points

Relax in the Vortex

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Solar Eclipse taken by an infrared camera.

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95 points

Totally worth it

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53 points

Why You Should Never Ride Off-Piste Alone


Extreme white on black harassment


Every single time

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88 points
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134 points

I wouldn't be caught dead next to this hole


This owl in a tree

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24 points

Hole in one

Preview ed82d25c a31f 4611 b2ea 324c38447fe6
64 points

This Beach Hut Has A HIDDEN SECRET That You Wouldn't Expect

289 points

Crazy house, Dalat Vietnam

Preview 21f99896 b49b 400d ae13 440a5262213b
13 points


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19 points

F**k it, I'm out!

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