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My coworker went to the beach with her nephew

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My friend’s sister and her baby taking a selfie on the beach.

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Mixed message

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My boyfriend was too short to reach the top...

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92 points

He Knows When You Are Sleeping...

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77 points

This is how I protected my Christmas trees from asshole cats and dogs.

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"That's gotta be at least 12"

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I only noticed days after when I was editing the photo. Paradise beach in Tulum, Mexico.

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Bryce Harper Cupping

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I Attempt to Lyric Prank My Fiance

24 points

So cute, sadly anyone here can relate :(

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94 points

caught on right time

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Creepy Guy Cold Calls Barber Shops Asking for Hair


Thanksgiving prank call to morning news show

17 points

Mom trolls son about buying a Christmas tree!


You can't drive to Bulgaria prank call

14 points

Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


Wtf is happening here ?

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