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Dining room of a Manhattan penthouse

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5 points

Home Heating Oil Tank Removal project leads to discovery of leak

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7 points

Photographed the exact moment this man ruined his shirt at a photo gallery.

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This photo represents the difference between freshman and senior year.

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13 points

Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

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17 points

Library of a Neoclassical-style Long Island, New York, summer house

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13 points

I guess it works

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20 points

Wooden bedroom in the woods with a view of the Colico Lake, La Araucanía Region, Chile

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12 points

Blue views from an oceanfront estate, La Jolla Shores, CA

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15 points

Inside the “Miner Road House”

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17 points

Relax in an Italianate mansion bathroom on Puget Sound

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18 points

Nothing too spectacular, but our bedroom is starting to feel really cozy!

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11 points

Just Why?

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14 points

Room in Moscow, Russia.

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5 points

Cozy Kitchen

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5 points

Future penthouse unit at 220 Central Park South in Manhattan

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18 points

Living room at One57 in Manhattan

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10 points

They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.

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24 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

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14 points

This design

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19 points

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