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I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here.

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24 points

Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

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20 points

Perfect Toaster

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21 points

Well when you say it like that...

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21 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

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12 points

When she can't cook but is a hoe, purchased!

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4 points


Preview aab67413 8cb7 462e b290 1fa2563c4727
4 points

This Kids' Shoes Brand I found while shopping

Preview 7872d7f9 6257 438a a9ba ea4dce716493
84 points

Found this makeshift torture device out by a pool I was opening

Preview 08108941 93f7 499a 9716 eb0c0279e33c
9 points

This guy lives in 3017

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8 points

Poor cate

Preview eb111fd0 0177 496a 85fd 9a517f7be006
18 points

Must be a hell of a day

Preview a96054e7 d8e8 48c2 b6b6 036656a58c95
190 points

When you leave your wheelchair in a MRI room...

Preview 82a630dc 3d86 48fa a0f8 8ab49b8ea906
8 points

A kitchen with painted Maple cabinets and four Working Stations

Preview 26b51caa 1aa0 4395 9682 279eaa41d2de
9 points

My toast popped and landed perfectly on the toaster

Preview 68e3157c adf3 4639 bb96 6b75ed8784de
9 points

Chrystal white Colortone cabinets with a Pewter Glaze brightens this traditional styled kitchen

Preview 9a39bf23 9c0b 41a6 a5af c79e2b33425a
13 points

When wife is not at home. only 3 left

Preview 532cd1ba 01ab 4a76 8341 588e2e5a1ebb
96 points

Be a Student they said... it will be fun they said.

Preview 873e569a 6463 4169 a1db f0989c157efd
135 points

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