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Don’t freak out, but I’m in the hospital

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My GF left this in the bathroom since we were hosting a dinner party and our kittens were acting up.

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Gotta love when the chainsaw goes all sentient.

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123 points

Shaker kitchen with panoramic bifold windows

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66 points

I asked my boss what kind of designation markers she wanted for the two new bathrooms in the office. She ordered these.

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95 points

Any problem hooman

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Granny wants you to bathe in her milk while she watches.

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I organized my medicine cabinet today. Help me:

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Little Cat decided to rearrange my room. Big Cat is enjoying the view. .

Preview e0fa9671 7277 4e2b 8bc7 b65a966d1cb8

Seen this in the washroom at doctors office lol

Preview dc81e1c7 ef5f 4b13 94dc 3a226e2816eb

Saw a pigeon having a job interview earlier. I hope he got it.

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Extra thicc

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I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here.

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Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

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Perfect Toaster

Preview 00bac386 148a 4cc4 b0b9 e2360a2ccbce
39 points

Well when you say it like that...

Preview 8eaf381e 8c82 4da7 b80e ad79e84acf2a
60 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

Preview f40d1f92 f92a 41c9 bb11 4a55b3344353
19 points

When she can't cook but is a hoe, purchased!

Preview 0a4887d7 5cf1 4832 bcc9 04de5ee54e38
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10 points

This Kids' Shoes Brand I found while shopping

Preview 7872d7f9 6257 438a a9ba ea4dce716493
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