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Pancakes he said

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We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

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58 points

This perfect pyramid of pancakes.

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54 points

Who else wants some Pizger

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52 points

But you sure can...that other thing...it

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36 points

Eastern Europe will understand

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Try it again!!!

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19 points

A barbecue cupcake?

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24 points

This just hurts...

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56 points

When your tomato evolves into something much more

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14 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

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71 points

Life hacks prank

84 points

How To Make Powerful Weapon 4 Barreled Rocket Launcher At Home

476 points

Just try it!

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16 points

Try it, it works

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116 points

Reinventing the vegetable drawer

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196 points

You try to make a cute bunny but you do not even have the devil. / Expectation x reality /

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174 points

But why? I cant even...

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