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Still no answer

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How americans see russians. How russians see americans.

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Anyone want the last olive?

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A gentleman never asks a lady her age

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Sweet sweet highschool

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Bye bye

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I see your dog...and show you sunshine (cat's name)

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Every day.

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There will come a time...

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I see your overly attached dog...and show you one hungry cat

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What even is?

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My favorite anime

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Still wondering how did I beat those college applicants in valuation exam. Guess 10 year experience as painter paid off.

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Imagin living in that house like every time you walk in your house you get that annoying textmessage

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Wicked woof of the west

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Just ww2 things

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The best thing about living in Alabama

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If I had a refund for every pen that got stlolen I would be rich enough to quit school

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Top knot c**ts.

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