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I read it in David Attenborough’s voice

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145 points

Definitely not stolen from Facebook

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130 points

The truest thing on the internet

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121 points


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124 points


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135 points

Too late!

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117 points

Must be a nightmare to sing happy birthday to her

Preview 232f1b2e 8eac 415e a4b6 c9a3ab7f001a
153 points

Vinny is my spirit animal

Preview a1927c04 7527 423c bf6c eb1133f52d42
125 points

Happy day everyone

Preview f1e95551 1581 4e22 bc77 bd51ca90c2df
158 points

Who needs protein shakes when you have this sweet nectar?

Preview ca026036 f991 4a8b 9c1c e137f786d493
133 points

Pearson, raising college students' Broke Level to DEFCON 1

Preview 20b341d6 813c 4364 846a dff0dd9a6105
108 points

Story of every student

Preview 66313894 3fd3 4ed0 9517 798bbf61cce9
108 points

Why lord of the rings fights scenes always seemed so realistic

Preview 30b13b80 290c 4f12 8b57 60e0957f1d64
111 points

Getting caught

Preview 0102cc4e 2a7f 4dd3 914c 9cd5a8efafcb
153 points

The future

Preview 2cb8e5e9 dec4 4b13 b57b 536641115946
129 points

*Becomes lord on millennials side of force*

Preview 4e94cd56 dbf1 4be0 96ed 22f7e850fc81
142 points

Just your friendly reminder that the voice of Goku was the same voice actor as Rolf from Ed, Edd, & Eddy.

Preview ab3f82bf d63a 48e2 a12a 32488fffa5fb
113 points

I mean, yeah this meme suck too because I'm bad, but I'm sure you people can do better!

Preview 191b13d5 5116 4cd9 b2a1 7e73f5d38dce
180 points

It's funny... because it's true

Preview 40b9725c c026 43b4 bfef 25eb76b33c4d
118 points

Worst super hero ever

Preview 2fdf01b6 451c 43ef 9e84 b10b7cafd484
119 points

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