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Last words of Satoshi Kon

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Doggo meets aqua pupper

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Happens every time

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3 points

Steve: Language!

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3 points

Sunday nights

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5 points

Decided to start acting my age and had some inexpensive business cards printed.

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7 points

So EA will do a Reddit AMA coming Wednesday after being downvoted to oblivion...

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10 points

Hush now..

Preview 64f85a33 ef03 4b52 999e dcf61ae9d773
7 points

I recognize him from somewhere..

Preview ee6516cc 983a 4930 a49c 576d2764fa92
11 points

My name is Rocky

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14 points

At its finest

Preview 764ca3ec dfc8 49b7 a3ef 17029f59971e
18 points

RIP Bernie Mac.

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Ron Swanson’s logic is golden.

Preview af995356 4b7a 423c 949e dc91cf97dd8b
15 points

At least Jamaal will know the face of his father from a few YouTube videos

Preview 83a58f21 4dd0 4dec aa56 1b179f3a2184
17 points

When babysitting goes wrong.

Preview 6d0926ea b567 4205 abec 37562b8ab5ec
19 points

EA has major plans for E3 2018

Preview 5d34bdd6 816d 4ce8 a887 592d8e31cc24
20 points

Who's a good boy?

Preview d93cd4c6 07bc 4c5d 91b7 82b4f42f4dc3
18 points

I know... I know... no one will see this

Preview 4019df7f d751 46e6 a59d be6c1e67b0db
24 points

Can't argue with that logic

Preview 58f2d682 bee2 4d45 aad3 5beaba73e632
83 points

I made dis

Preview ac6f2adc 3f91 4d38 bce4 dde13910ab8d
23 points

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