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Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo

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155 points

Epic battles in movies.

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114 points

It snowed in Texas last night. Here’s what the traffic message boards told us.

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121 points

Much better

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100 points

I'm here for you.

Preview 779b9ecc 2a0b 4f67 9e51 95214ddc8561
99 points

I wish I had this kind of neighbors

Preview 9dacba03 15e6 42f1 89dd c0a41fdf3c42
98 points

Looks like spring, eh?

Preview 10a85795 36d4 4568 8e26 d9f43541a2e2
159 points

Cries in poor...

Preview ec68d1b8 1816 461e 8ef0 a4cb536269be
107 points

Last Christmas...

Preview 94972ae2 0531 4f6d a383 f2b4d8f2945f
97 points

Carl is Dumb

Preview 10bc8530 edbc 473b 8370 590d61fed38f
118 points

Photo of the year potential right here.

Preview f6faa03e 4d04 407d b160 6d79327bfb12
98 points

You may think the name of your business is great, but it's not as great as this one

Preview b179ce6a 9be7 4ec5 bdc9 375c39467a29
160 points


Preview c0c5ba0c f753 4d4e 9ce9 89c25b106208
89 points

Crazy forklift drivers.

Preview 32cc06fa 6612 4c7c 878a 2ddeb2cf12da
77 points

Sadly, this is very relatable

Preview 1dcde173 6ad2 46ec 9bf4 e0384c842727
53 points

Those days!

Preview 49ff0094 9e3f 4fff ad25 e5eb7b6583d0
149 points

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

Preview e93d6a17 59ca 4420 aeb7 6b427f0ed9c1
177 points

This Turkish Airlines escalator ad

Preview 513b1f34 e9af 4dae a0cf efcf20999e6c
62 points

What do they serve in this place?

Preview 887e64ae aff4 4633 9590 597cb7e3d3e3
88 points

You just want attention you don't want my heart.

Preview 65e5c37b 98e7 4fcd 8df5 954f60bc1d86
119 points

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