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Thought I'd share my first pumpkin carving ever.

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True shit

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"This Stereoscope" Scary Short Horror Film Will Give You Multiple Shocks (Disturbing Graphics)

111 points

Plot Twist

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82 points

Just metal things \m/

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A child's skull before losing baby teeth

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61 points

Van Gogh a man before his time

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'Jigsaw' aka 'Saw 8', Unleashes Gory First Trailer For Halloween


U wnt sum dying meme?

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Don't do it

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23 points

Why so serioussssss

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My Bird From Hell


Scaring Grandma


Burning Axe Killer Clown Prank!

16 points

Life Goes On: Read by Matt Grant


New post Damn that must have hurt seriously!Damn that must have hurt briefly!

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101 points

A pretty extreme prank?


What a child's skull looks like before losing their baby teeth

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22 points

Proud moments

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