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Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

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80 points

Massive cock on my ass

Preview 73f44553 31ff 4162 aefd df3d64bcbb61
52 points

Something startling must have been behind me.

Preview 129d6080 be91 4a63 83c0 58bb409e8b70
22 points

My Earliest Memory

Preview 730a7598 9a2e 440e 9706 7c1578fc6e18
39 points

"please kill me"

Preview 651dcc00 b85f 4c16 85e8 9dc0ec7f89be
51 points

I defragged my zebra

Preview 5fa69793 6d18 4419 b124 c9305ab5cb21
66 points

Getting right back in the saddle

Preview f552c124 5f8f 468a b04a 5e910fe63071

" every drunk girl pic on facebook "

Preview 467b3a2d 95c5 4720 88b8 ce789baa3255
73 points

Moose with deformed hooves

Preview 7162d826 280f 454a 8458 81f454803d20
97 points

Scooter driver helping a woman catch her runaway horse


Ancient math

Preview 81015d1b bba1 407a 9aa8 489b982c7344
73 points

A Horse within a Horse.

Preview a9303748 4141 4080 87f4 2a18932bb028

Backup Camera Prank I'd like to put on a few peoples cars!

Preview 4cc5e1f8 a085 4a0f 9dab 1b42555f9217
135 points

Dual head horse

Preview c549eed5 625f 4c0f b7a0 33fd51aab119

Falling with pumpkins in walmart


Its a unicorn

Preview 52ba3c88 2303 41cd 8016 07b8b4af313e


Preview 20576685 ad60 42af bfb8 834901487169
74 points

Serious inquires only

Preview f995ca88 b59f 429f a19a 3610fff10e71
77 points

Maybe this Bin Laden was the good brother. From zoo in Thailand.

Preview 2ebc20e6 281a 46cd 9311 77ce1ea04bba
22 points

Lovely ponytail.

Preview fb0e88f0 f120 4e8b b01a b592776ea0f0
93 points

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