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A Horse Too Far


Cut my leash into pieces

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238 points

WHAT THE... oh

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147 points

A cat! Is that a cat! It’s definitely a cat.. annnnd he’s gone.

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Floating horse!

Preview b93f457a 6b72 4a83 8b9d 1f7d76046f8a
136 points

My cousins met American Pharoh at the stud farm...

Preview 91ba019e a9a3 4b8c bc79 2b7c6a1e30a5
158 points

Horse photobombing another horse

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y = -x^3

Preview ca920251 90e2 4055 a83c 43dd7dc94c5d
119 points

Found this, Donkey is just trying to prevent sewer work it seems!

Preview a69ff76d d0f3 443f b63e cd3c887a1056

Swol cow

Preview 132c8a1d 6582 4f05 9d0d f525f0139c1e
116 points

How pizza has been delivered this weekend in Brazil

Preview da8a5dcf d7f6 43f7 85a8 09e16350ea70
92 points

My kid and dogs might be about to drop the hottest rap album of the year?

Preview 9f0c888b b42d 4849 9cfb 54f37043580a
117 points

Those eyes

Preview 0e376c2a a155 4268 b27d d4d09ef31e8e
148 points

No photographers were seriously injured in the taking of this photo

Preview 52fd95d6 8149 41ef a782 f0d2ba856e20
125 points

My friend just sent me this.

Preview 6aa58111 1e71 4320 a721 2c9b23e1d159
116 points

Well I thought it was funny!

Preview 22f60c5e 114e 4f65 83ce c270dcc3dc96

Took my puppy to my childhood farm to meet some moos. Didn’t go quite as planned!

Preview 4dc6f31f e1a9 4738 96e1 fdf737d48e86

My cousin got ankle surgery and her cats have now claimed her walker.

Preview dfa7e14f 0341 4749 ad81 36c645200812

Branch manager and assistant branch manager.

Preview 03aee331 878f 47cc 81b9 2be27d95723c
143 points

I did not like this ostrich. This ostrich did not like me.

Preview 0a39e1ce c194 41f4 a5cb 07c18b8857cf
107 points

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