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My GF went to help out at a barn and met this majestic beast.

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Horse throwing rider.

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When a client asks to see the manager but the manager says the same thing as you.

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Just Costa Rican things

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Horse Rocks Laughing Baby Is The Most Adorable Thing You'd See Today

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My parents pony just got pooped on by her horse.

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Trampoline Fitness Gone Wild


Ever seen a fat horse, here's one

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This horse looks like Kim Kardashian

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This Powerwashed Horse

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Is he just majestic af or what?

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who is she?

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Horsing Around, FAIL

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167 points

Police in the Netherlands be like

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Get ready to your best in 2017!

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She stands. She fails!

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Horse and rider falling

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"I've had enough of your shit"

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Horse throwing rider.

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