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My kid and dogs might be about to drop the hottest rap album of the year?

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91 points

Those eyes

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126 points

No photographers were seriously injured in the taking of this photo

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My friend just sent me this.

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85 points

Well I thought it was funny!

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Took my puppy to my childhood farm to meet some moos. Didn’t go quite as planned!

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My cousin got ankle surgery and her cats have now claimed her walker.

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I did not like this ostrich. This ostrich did not like me.

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What can I say?

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80 points

Being dyslexic is a bitch

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93 points

Donkey punch

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Dog Uber

Preview 3a24f5ea ea85 47d4 ac6e 18c9d0d2c250

Best Ever funny image and a scary scene when you are in trouble

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109 points

How it really was

Preview b3e4292d aae4 460f 8100 e7a2b5b87d1a
78 points

Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

Preview bf4d6d97 509c 439c a9cf cd8257e5d3b5
97 points

Massive cock on my ass

Preview 73f44553 31ff 4162 aefd df3d64bcbb61
64 points

Something startling must have been behind me.

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56 points

My Earliest Memory

Preview 730a7598 9a2e 440e 9706 7c1578fc6e18
43 points

The Exorcism Of The Chupacabra Demon Prank Call


"please kill me"

Preview 651dcc00 b85f 4c16 85e8 9dc0ec7f89be
65 points

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