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I find it very badass that in some countries the police is using horses...

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My stallion of a father

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16 points

Maybe overloaded

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18 points

Horse with a spooky trim

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67 points

This one-eyed horse looks like a skeletal demon

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If anyone knows if the filmed it , I need it , for research purposes

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Elite doggo is ready to serve his country

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Genuine breed, can rate 5/7

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The Mythical Dorse

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Mom's got no chill

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This whole video


Rescued this guy from a circus 5 months ago. He is almost 30 and he's going to live his last years of life peacefully.

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When you're a horse but you need to rob à bank

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4 points

Big bully


My GF went to help out at a barn and met this majestic beast.

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22 points

Living in the countryside makes people happier!

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Horse throwing rider.

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Horse sticking its tongue out

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When a client asks to see the manager but the manager says the same thing as you.

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Just Costa Rican things

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