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No photographers were seriously injured in the taking of this photo

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Took my puppy to my childhood farm to meet some moos. Didn’t go quite as planned!

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Horse Panic Prank Calls The Short Edit


Getting right back in the saddle

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Moose with deformed hooves

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A Horse within a Horse.

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Backup Camera Prank I'd like to put on a few peoples cars!

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My stallion of a father

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Horse with a spooky trim

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Elite doggo is ready to serve his country

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53 points

U want some horse?

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108 points

This donkey midsneeze looks like it just heard the best joke.

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A rare curly haired horse for the 99% of people who have not seen one yet - your welcome

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148 points

Living in the countryside makes people happier!

Preview 97845fa9 134e 4cd4 a5c7 2de47817c664
126 points

There are two kinds of horses in this world...

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Beware of dog!

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114 points

He's a good boy

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