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E.T. landed in Eastern Europe

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Fire breathing Doggo

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Barista ain't koi about her skills.

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Pekin, IL, Home of the Chinks high school teams

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Meanwhile, back at the fire pit...

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Legend has it if you stare too long she will burn into your soul...

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Fireworks rocket at blastoff

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Nothing beats a chicken parmigiana at a country pub

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Vrydag Braai!!

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Hailey Clauson Wears A Sexy Chain Suit In The Exotic Sumba Island

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Jessica Gomes Loves To Go Natural In Madagascar

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Chopsticks that can also be used as a fork

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Brazilian Beauty Fernanda Tavares Gets Wet, Shows You Her Home Country

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Fire breather looks like he's kissing a fire dragon

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German WiFi is the wurst

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Hannah Jeter Is That Silly Cute Type Of Girlfriend

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Follow Kenza Fourati And Get A Taste Of Singapore

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Young Kate Upton Goes Topless In The Philippines (NSFW)

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This Lamborghini Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank Has An Unexpected Ending (NSFW)

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How Dogs React To Levitating Wiener Is Absolutely Adorable

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