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The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face

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13 points

Modest Panoramic. Era: Post girlfriend, first real job.

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97 points

Minimal simplicity in a Bel-Air home by architect John Pawson

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82 points

Pierhouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park

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24 points

Church to apartment conversation in Birmingham

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49 points

Our corner room in a converted tea factory, Sri Lanka

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48 points

Model condo on the 58th floor of One-57, New York City

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37 points

My makeup sponge!

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When the dog destroys your sofa, and you can’t afford to have it reupholstered, you take matters into your own hands.

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So glad I spent $80 on a new bed for my dog...

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Moaning Hotel Prank


bohemian bungalow • echo park

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52 points

Los Angeles Mid Century

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59 points

Walked in on my dogs...

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105 points

"You can't tell me what to do human"

Preview d8a53473 41c3 4139 9cab 9c567d0f03f8

Triple bed, London

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85 points

Stunning home theatre room in Long Island, NY.

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70 points

Incredible penthouse overlooking downtown Beirut, Lebanon

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72 points

Stone and glass elements merge with green surroundings in this Mérida, Mexico home

Preview d9705d4a a692 4ccc 8f3a 79346e04d9c7
72 points

The living room of a $45m home in San Diego

Preview c7975c12 c5fc 49cc 9def 24499d4e4189
87 points

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