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Hello There!

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I was putting my shoes on and he decided to pop a squat.. asshole.

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This is a regular occurrence.....

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Grey hound likes to stretch his legs

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Perfect day to do many things, like sleeping for example.

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Judge them. judge them all

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Tried to take a cute picture of my dog and she moved at the last second...

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Deer find their way into a home to escape a storm

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17 points

Parenting sure is difficult...

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My doggo first wrecked the couch and now won’t let me watch tv

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PUPS delivery.

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7 years since rescue

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29 points

Adopted a doggo today

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18 points

Can't walk away from these eyes

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21 points

You’re going to fix that or what?

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A purrfect pillow

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My doggo and I need dis for reasons

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23 points

You have been judged...

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