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This guy snuck into a cow pasture and proceeded to harass cows for 20min, all while actively ignoring my calls.

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Equal opportunity peeing

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I’m pretty sure Luna is flipping me off with her tail 🤔

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Captured the exact moment my kitten scared the crap out of her sister.

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45 points

Doggo knows..

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46 points

Thank you.

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Sales calls... Amirite?!?

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She will literally rest her head on anything

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59 points

Sibling Rivalry

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So exhausted but now there's no where comfortable to sleep

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She’s afraid of the vacuum and fell asleep hiding😂

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54 points

A puppy then, a horse now

Preview 893802c6 9456 4f4d a426 a895a6f71561
98 points

My dog plotting my murder because she can’t have 50 treats a day instead of her food.

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Master gave Dobby a sock

Preview 135c1a63 572c 4470 a277 6c3984fd07e1
69 points

Something horrible or wonderful has happened to my dogs.

Preview 3976ddaa 0ede 4e78 8af9 9973a0075bc6
31 points

I love it xD.

Preview 43e09855 436d 49f1 9f05 1a2fd5b450ca
72 points

Dinner thief.

Preview 91c88115 6e38 4ae9 b321 8b26805001df

Production level 1000000

Preview bbfb4c24 9f46 4f03 935b 19df0f84c672
77 points

All the nations lived in harmony. Until the fire pups attacked

Preview 8c2af80e 45de 4ef8 aa0d 0a8612dc00ec
77 points

My cat was sleeping in the dog's spot, so he passive-aggressively sat on her.

Preview d8b44e95 dd54 4fac 8b74 c5d12deba1e3

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