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At a year and a half, he still follows me everywhere

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14 points

But it said close

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17 points

Stop crying human, she will never come back

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12 points

Strange human I agree to adopt you

Preview 5a201a47 6e48 4f01 babb 5451db950288
12 points

He did not pet me once, he is not a goodboy

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13 points

Damn it dave

Preview d16f7732 19a1 4e46 a261 138957442f55
15 points

Describe your post....

Preview e1f4e99f ecfb 48fe ab22 b32ccd75478b
11 points

Perfect resting spot

Preview 0774f73a 1a24 44d0 9da8 f0f96d4f0342
12 points

Biologist Doge

Preview 22dbbad5 0147 41e0 a0c3 8fd463c7730b

Mummified cat we found under our new house

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3 points

Should I be worried about my dog? is this just a phase?

Preview f875d89e ef35 4d09 9196 6a33044dd2f6

WTF Dad!?

Preview 9a8a0342 86eb 41fd 930f 17d15f81340c

My dog just had her first litter of puppies. She is not amused.

Preview 45cdb462 52b1 47d3 9d0a ce059ea728ec
10 points

This puppo ate your shoes. What are you going to do?

Preview 04c471f7 2cd0 4502 bdbc 50adabbc6bcb

Ready for rain

Preview 38137535 d9b3 434c 81b6 120a4af17e83

Mom Spaghetti

Preview fde23a7b 9076 4b57 a3a0 c896a5a34702

He's scared

Preview c75b7498 2a9f 4381 ae5d 7cdeb7a201c7

Cookies for all of us!

Preview 1b72b4e5 14b3 4b6e 95a2 76d30c028f39

Only car guys will understand

Preview 473807c2 0921 45c4 afbd 91427ee9872d
213 points

I mean I always thought he was a good boy but jeez

Preview a874f886 407d 4548 be95 7871103851ef
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