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Miss Innocent

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Charlie goes to the vet. Before and after medication. How do I make this a meme?

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ah thing!!!!!

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My co-worker's new rescue isn't very happy in her new home

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My cat sits in the doorway to stop by dog from going inside

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The little dog wanted a belly rub, but the bigger one wanted something to lay her head on.

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The Peanut Butter Crusher

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Cow jumping over a dog

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our photographer got a great picture of Coconut during our last farm dinner!

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Really bro??

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Cat or bed ?

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Just trying to build his kennel, but he wants to sit on everything.

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Pick on someone your own size!

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They put my friend’s service dog in the yearbook

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She stole my slipper and played with it for a few seconds, then came back and stole the second one.

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The dog poked her head up into the front right when my wife took a pic of me.

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Comfy seat

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Will the guilty one please look up?

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