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A room in a tree house on a crane in Bristol

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6 points

Living area in a converted barn features polished concrete floors and dual garage doors to allow for airflow in this home in West Monroe, Louisiana.

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11 points

They put the TV antenna on the wrong side!

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13 points

I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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12 points

A perforated concrete facade lets the tropics into this brutalist home in Kuala Lumpur

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8 points

Bathroom in Aspen, Colorado estate

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6 points

Attention to detail: fireplace accents, accessories and new lighting fixtures fill this large space at this vacation home in Promontory Club, Utah

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11 points

Green accents, a hand painted willow mural, and huge windows in an apartment on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

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8 points

Meanwhile in France...

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Russian guy fixing his air conditioning.

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Large kitchen and dining area features exposed brick, light oak floors and a long granite island in this home located in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

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6 points

When you've been undercover in the cate gang for too long and forget how to doge.

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45 points

Beautiful cabin in the woods.

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5 points

Something that is going to make your day

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11 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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57 points

Renowned jerk Artie and friends avoiding the puppy. :(

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The Amish raising a barn in Hammond, NY in 2017

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Like A boss

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