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Robert Downey Jr.'s Hamptons Home.

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7 points

Issa knife

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19 points

Another modest kitchen in a humble NY home

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13 points

Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons, New York

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15 points

Inglenooks are the definition of "Cozy" - Decatur Island, WA

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13 points

Large open master bedroom in California.

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14 points

Strawberry Pink Colored Kitchen, 1956

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18 points

Modern Vermont Bath w/ Forest Views features a Concrete Sink that contrasts the Natural Wood Inside & Out

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19 points

Country style modern open floor plan in Colorado

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14 points


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16 points

Classic Blue Kitchen

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18 points

Inspirational Kitchens with Integrated Refrigerator

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17 points

Open and modern lofted house in Gávea, Brazil.

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9 points

Unique Kitchen in Taipei, Taiwan

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13 points

A tree growing through the roof of a hotel

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14 points

Big heckin' snoot boye does himself a quench

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15 points

That's his telephone pole now

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19 points

Kitchen/Living Room in a Lush Garden in Puget Sound. Designed by Jon Olson of Olson Kundig.

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19 points

Loft living room in Barcelona .

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22 points

A tiny eco cabin retreat in Crete

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21 points

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