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Guy I work with has no fingernails

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102 points

I've broken my left arm twice, which led to an interesting x-ray

Preview 86363794 b8fc 489b 9f31 e37630cd887a
149 points

Probably not the best tattoo idea ever...

Preview fdfb6a8e e9f2 4032 94e3 8f041d08396c
108 points


Preview ad16de40 abe5 484b a728 d29cee1af6e5
98 points

I coughed up a staple from a lung lobectomy performed in August 2016.

Preview 4615cd4a bdb5 4e74 99ed 098ac10e9ef4
135 points

My hands after a shower

Preview 4bfb1022 44c5 45e5 b65a c1b89f83f03d
155 points


Preview 3e3b5b97 752a 4cf3 9b69 93f3f6577546
144 points

The feel…

Preview bf9155d0 abe1 41ff a214 cf74f1d2234f
168 points


Preview c6e818b3 0ca8 47f6 a472 6c6299882fc2

These vagina nails.

Preview 6fd61521 638c 4c60 84d4 4873faa68af2
148 points

Chicks need to step up their eye glitter game.

Preview fee18b92 af6d 43c0 a663 50aac2d2292a
112 points

Holding a closed fist for extended periods of time

Preview 17d156a1 4179 48dd b0bb 9c4b2152f81a

Dear fatty...

Preview 337ec49c c25a 4581 b63b c271bec73171
118 points

.... Not like I was using that or anything

Preview 204e4f15 fc47 4d3b 893a fbe476e52221

I'm confused also...

Preview e55cb7cd bd03 47c1 8f25 ee95667a2a7b
149 points

Fashion tip

Preview 87fa9db7 62e7 46bb aebb 23a7cbbfa346
124 points

Kids this days

Preview 9e56a750 5d18 4b47 a4ea 44109b0a6550
186 points

Imagine hearing an owl at the night, so you look after it, but you find this thing instead.

Preview aced99d5 ec43 4414 bea5 1f4d114ea8f3
107 points

Olympic rower's hands after rowing 1000 km

Preview 0e9bdf6a 5387 499c bcf0 fc07d0008d08
80 points

Homer nails did

Preview fa061574 414e 442e b234 faad1f4693c1
106 points

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