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Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

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24 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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14 points

What a child's skull looks like before losing their baby teeth

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20 points

Heart tattoos are awesome!

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14 points

CT scan of an unrestrained passenger's skull after a road traffic accident.

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18 points

Eye after corneal transplant

Preview 5ffc1952 53d2 4268 bf86 de9d5a3b33c7
2 points

Columbian Soldier with a live 40mm grenade in his skull

Preview 22d0356b 8bc1 43d1 940b e5703445dc8f
12 points

It hurts

Preview 8d4b55c8 3b27 475d ad56 7f68bccae5d2
74 points

Really, REALLY Unsettling...

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2 points


Preview 76817bf4 3162 487b b6e6 51d2badbd22f
17 points

These sequels are getting out of hand

Preview c10eabd8 fa4d 4926 aa90 e24b695da788
113 points

Good idea for a tattoo.

Preview d4341c7c 5a46 47fe 9b12 681fb58115a1
6 points


Preview ba0a1982 90c7 4e62 b7e6 d82e10b93c04
8 points

Holy shit water

Preview 8d00bd86 6371 4156 9259 96a1f08a46c4
5 points

This incredible image was drawn using only colored pencils and gel pens by 19-year-old artist, Jose Vergara.

Preview 9ab8eeba 0f07 46ba 8b80 e7a3a95b2201
5 points

When people try to figure out English grammar

Preview dc251a97 fbef 44d1 81c3 9c8f0b64d076
5 points

Sherlock's reply about human nature.


Superpowers unlocked

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4 points

The Kiss



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