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The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected.

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Damn it dave

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It's ok bro. You're too good for her anyway.

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A good boy.

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Describe your post....

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After 9 years of being with us, my 16 year old lab-cross passed away today. She nibbled my fingers through the cage of the shelter cubicle a

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Mummified cat we found under our new house

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The cake is not a lie

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Needless to say, that paper towel wasn't clean 😐

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Would you prefer to ride with this or faketaxi?

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Should I be worried about my dog? is this just a phase?

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Birthday girl

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This is what happens when you have one sister who is a professional photographer and loves animals and another sister with a mini zoo. You get professional goat maternity photos.

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Vanta Black Lab

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Good boy taking a nap after a long day

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My good boy snuggling my daughter's teddy bear at bed time.

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My dog just had her first litter of puppies. She is not amused.

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This puppo ate your shoes. What are you going to do?

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Ready for rain

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Dog Restoration

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