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Good boiiii

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91 points

Look at me smile

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Went on vacation and got a king sized bed. He finally had enough room to sleep with us so he's smiling

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58 points

Dog for sale

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16 points

Chinese = monsters. JK sorry.

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7 points

Everyone has these moments...

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10 points

My pup looks like a cartoon.

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Will bork for food

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I think next time i'll bath the dog AFTER mowing the lawn...

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My friend wanted a dog so he went and adopted Hank. He is a little different.

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6 months ago my boy was diagnosed with cancer. Today he had his last chemo treatment - so happy for my pupper!

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Doggo lives matter

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Belly Bunny

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Person on facebook is trying to get this dog adopted. I think they chose the perfect photo.

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11 points

At a year and a half, he still follows me everywhere

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22 points

Stealing a dog's meal

Preview 15497ac2 05af 4731 8f70 3b52d0cfcfd4

Smol pupper did a hurt

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20 points

Prison Break

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49 points

Damn him. Oh wait. I don't have a girldfriend.

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