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Spotted near the Mexican border in San Diego...

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171 points

How to spot a 90's kid!

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81 points

"Just send it bro"

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106 points

1 second before pain.

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93 points

Pug driving a VW bus in google streetview

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93 points

A glitch in the matrix

Preview 85fd7235 2a50 45ae a8d8 959c2c4cf49c
105 points

Sooo saddddd !!!

Preview 64ac4a6a 137a 4ff1 a76e 65d79832b25d
68 points

Seems about right💡

Preview e7732ad7 b675 4dd2 b793 32de9ca0fb23
99 points

Some people aren’t ashamed of it

Preview 14c59b6d bf78 4af8 9ab6 4174c503a251
108 points

In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

Preview ea212822 e51a 4ea3 9149 682f36b3c4be
137 points


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Just German...

Preview 21e54a9a 4789 4817 a6bc 0ea8f86a6adb

Needs to be reiterated every generation. Not everyone puts in equal effort, risk, dedication, time, etc. so not every gets equal results.

Preview 34bb3891 7af0 4e2c b2f1 dd784127013c
132 points

Stupid real life!

Preview 3c65f788 a948 4c6f b5d5 4ed56818da0c
80 points

The look of pure regret as he jumped on to a responding police cruiser in my city.

Preview 547c0574 1475 4719 97fe 2d15deb3aa5e
90 points

This car has an exhaust pipe?

Preview b7c0b006 3c24 48c3 a9a6 32bca065988b
114 points

I see you, Vlad the Impala

Preview 6d223fea 8873 45d6 8aad fc5ad9a2b406
67 points

True thugs know how to spell

Preview 874f401e 2d61 4cd0 9c4e 0a8fd4a948ad
120 points

Top gear.

Preview 3b5747d4 e4f6 4847 8844 7799d4d04ac5
144 points

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