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Things are about to get interesting.

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153 points

No wonder men can’t find it: it moves around

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113 points

Meanwhile in Thailand

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68 points

Koenigsegg one:1, One Horsepower for every Kilogram of weight.

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97 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

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105 points

This guy's wheels

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79 points

2017 Time Magazine Person of the Year cover was just released

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144 points


Preview c58717f3 385f 4e1e baf8 796f0f3f5658
57 points

I'm sure someone is already writing one.

Preview be789c8a 2cd8 44ea a2ae f4b5d996da54
89 points

Somebody explain this...

Preview e2dcb878 9550 4eac a071 6cd105c990f7
54 points

My girlfriend saw this "Prius" on her commute yesterday.

Preview 7f632cf8 7609 491a 9034 dc6a22668ecc
108 points

What the heck is he thinking?

Preview eed26ab8 4d1a 423a a89f f4070387c641
76 points

Saw this at a stop light.

Preview 205b2284 4264 445b 9f69 a16e6a72acaa
110 points

Bicycle parking.

Preview dd0c255d fb15 4df7 95b6 db99e45cdd48
127 points

Browsing Google Street View today...

Preview 36e35173 d665 4875 8930 cd26937960e2
121 points

This car has an exhaust pipe?

Preview 746fd084 7982 42cf 92f3 666deb466e7c
60 points

Dad's method to guarantee responsible driving

Preview 33fdc148 c7d6 466c 8bb5 c2259435e4ee
85 points

This guy loves stickers.

Preview 8edf9440 3861 48a6 b4cb f912a72baea0
55 points

Like how..? Really..

Preview e70e661e a926 434a 81f9 e88609d3fac1
90 points

"Excuse me sir, do you know how fast you were toasting?"

Preview 866cebde 385f 44ed a42d d63da534d949
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