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I don't know about you guys but this scene along with the music gave me goosebumps. Pure awe! Haters gonna hate

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9 points

Look at this cute snow doggo

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11 points

Alex Andreev surreal art

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14 points

Hop clouds

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12 points

Will Ice Float In Oil?


Ski resort in Skeikampen Norway

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14 points

"Glass being shattered from hockey check."

Preview 9d1148d2 86b5 4cef 98bf db09ca72b6f7

Meanwhile a Hailstone in İstanbul.

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12 points

Crossing a Crevasse

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Gentleman bird

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Yep I did

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11 points

Being seal-y with your friends

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80 points

I'll just throw this here

Preview ec4ee01d ef9d 489d 8e26 16cfd70ea4da

Does anyone know where this place is? Captain plz?

Preview d40b61ec 60df 471a 808f fc8476bdf6f8
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The new snow-plowing service in our city is fantastic

Preview fe58a570 336e 4bc6 b283 c3bc0bd1385d
2 points

Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

Preview e7aea41e 9803 4073 aad8 e10960915f5a
123 points

A frozen geyser

Preview 6028e561 1134 42f1 be9e a29cda88100a
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"Oh, your tent has a waterproof seal? Mine has 8"

Preview 140d618f 8be2 4fa3 bfd7 5d11de0ca734
6 points

What geologists see

Preview 3f31bd18 ba2b 418e 9948 4fca59508d1b
1 points

You know you screwed

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