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Me getting hit by a wave at Mavericks, 2010

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A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

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65 points


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I’m gonna kill that damn squirrel

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56 points

"Just send it bro"

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Too Cold To Be Sweaty

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And we have liftoff!

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Chuck's winters be like....

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57 points

Yes, I would like to science please

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Well Canadians, its about that time again.

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The last shot while still on the sled

Preview 5bd1e911 d579 4b68 a13c 1e6e58188bad

I live in Corpus Christi

Preview 9626f308 8a36 4ac7 9651 60119d622814

One clear victor

Preview d33ce397 48d8 4bd2 96d2 8b5f9349ed9a

Alaskan Flat Tire

Preview 70f21237 34fa 4790 99dc d2b55260abca
16 points

I have no idea??

Preview e95ab44c 6d09 436d b786 8d5adcd6b34c
13 points

Getting to Cabane de Bertol in ski boots was fun

Preview 4df54270 bebc 48f3 a24b 51122e749872

Brought by soldiers hand, back to the fatherland, long live Carolus Rex.

Preview 51919395 81df 495d 9585 a80c1ecb78e2
13 points

This happened last winter when I was walking home

Preview 242e4565 8adb 47dc 8f96 50fe3237d0f7
14 points

Even Lithuania and Portugal in Crossover

Preview ce416424 396f 468a 82eb 6d39d269a22e

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