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Intel CEO sold $24m of his shares before a serious design flaw was made public. This is their proposed new sticker

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11 points

The City of Los Angeles just posted this to their job page on facebook

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64 points


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65 points

I'm Not Racist, But...

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93 points

Blaze It

Preview 341960d1 b72d 48f8 b816 90c32699fc36

My life in a nutshell

Preview aecd400e 4193 4432 8749 5c8832502ac8
73 points

You look like...

Preview 879c08ef b11a 4108 9081 8bdc7277e01d

Fixed it

Preview e600d53f 423a 4d48 8b8a fe7bec22a01b

The hero Hollywood needs right now, but not the one it deserves

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18 points

So f**king relatable

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22 points

Austria Brings Gift For Germany

Preview c5a5da6f 2d1f 42ae 8aab 347ecbb3e8af

Nothing can replace ms paint

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22 points

Switzerland is my city

Preview dca5a74c 194e 4099 9e7f ad3e5ea2e01a

Been on here for 10 years. this could not be any more true

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24 points


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CountryBalls Post 2

Preview 7ce54eb0 6237 45ae 8e10 e53e3558b888

CountryBalls Post 2

Preview f98739b6 d239 41c8 a271 b7c5b9390902

Is this normal ?

Preview 4644db5a 318b 4eda a6ae da3252c5aa61
81 points

A whole new level of philosophy

Preview 9e2eaeaf 9a79 46c0 8c57 4df6c550ac0d
71 points

Types of knives, thought you guys might like this

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