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Rawr duh

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79 points

Wait a minute

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91 points

Texting my girlfriend, when suddenly...

Preview e6391282 c253 4c18 b697 373f53662f26

The Irony...

Preview 390f3c53 0028 444b a413 5e4a161fd547

I checked my facebook memories , and I almost died laughing , I didn't plan for this .LOL

Preview 96774438 d219 49ea ab0d dc13f844f587

am lost

Preview 3c38faab 9e7c 42c5 9817 99fe158cd745
113 points

Why can't my phone connect to the wireless?! Only Sometimes?!!?

Preview 8fd88456 c745 484f 8dca d42b5eee4b93
109 points

What even is this

Preview 929d0049 79f7 42d2 a1ac ec6c881348f3
73 points

Got this Captcha making a gmail account ):

Preview 50bda07e 0912 4d39 912d 018a187a4927
85 points

What is.... Love?

Preview dec62315 5ae9 4406 9fa0 5c0633bfea1f
102 points

I noticed there were a lot of apps with lettered logos so... Speaks for itself.

Preview cd08da4e acf8 4f96 a966 724e8812f13c
58 points

Ever wondered

Preview 292806a9 617b 4de1 acd2 4a43ebe55390
75 points

Dating in a nutshell.

Preview e88ba8ea 17ee 4d80 ab31 0d063fb2f40e
103 points

Things that entertain me

Preview 3846717a 9fa3 4fbd a578 08fd018d1422
92 points

the last melonbender

Preview 12f017a6 d9fd 4fdf b491 0457d2281396
79 points

How to win an argument

Preview 3f19e861 e6ff 48a6 917c 69a97ddf803e
59 points

The airplane has been hijacked and is crashing into the data tower

Preview 3ef9ae61 cf2b 42c3 b1f9 4255fcc00e3c

Truth has been spoken

Preview 30c2c0ac e8c8 4cf3 9a43 7a718e4d8780
92 points

Roasted by Google Assistant

Preview e4d9ccab 1c07 4a5a 90f3 78e1857ed502
99 points

I am a realist, the glass is too big.

Preview 1b364613 c12d 4dc7 8b4f 71565851f52c
84 points

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