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A co-worker got this on her car.

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259 points

Heineken's Powerful "Worlds Apart" Ad Brings Strangers With Clashing Beliefs Together

13 points

Breakfast in Brooklyn.

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156 points

You can ask anything you want to Jesus!

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246 points

I work hard.

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Luke 6:31 do to others as you would have them do to you

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182 points

She cannot be even mad of this brilliancy

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117 points

I feel sorry for the pizza guy...

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To the guy, who just couldn't resist. Neither I could.

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99 points

The search for intelligent life continues...

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189 points

Can't deny that

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107 points

I miss the good series

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90 points

*insert thug life

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80 points

Just a phone call away.

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119 points

Didnt work fuking clickbait

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94 points

Nice try Xzibit

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79 points

Seems legit to me.

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247 points

Welcome 2017 and Asian online shopping!

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