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Don't kill yourselves just yet, wait until this date

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7 points

God Answers Prayers of Paralyzed Boy

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12 points

Ma'am, your feet are turning blue...

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1 points

No says god

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14 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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17 points

My Son crashed his bike........

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0 points

Best show ever

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Really, REALLY Unsettling...

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2 points

My friends foot

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2 points

>Gets morphine from the doctor

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17 points

This is what's under the plaque in plaque psoriasis. Had this particular wound for five years now.

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3 points

Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

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6 points

Every decision you have ever made have took you here, to this moment, to see this picture.

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4 points

Good morning, can I borrow a tissue?

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3 points

Never don't give up

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147 points

Defending yourself.

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142 points

I have problems

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96 points

I wonder what it taste like

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91 points

Look how happy they are.

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176 points

I usually just put mine behind my ear.

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