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The camera clicked the picture in between change phase of second display

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20 points

Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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10 points

This spider's web looks like Spider-Man

Preview f8f40354 7f70 4160 88a9 f918a93615e8
12 points

Well, are they?

Preview 5a80017d 891f 4a98 ab49 6200ede94730
11 points

Hold up, what?

Preview 30f77dac 01f4 43cd 9af3 d938070f7b5e
2 points

Game of the Rings?

Preview e4c8521d 0746 4dbb b0bf 184a6fd2c1c6

The best photo I've ever taken with my smartphone

Preview e81f4c65 176b 476f 990f 6a824b301257
14 points

Is math related to science

Preview 2413d1e1 11bd 49d6 9020 755caa685bdc
101 points

Consider yourself warned

Preview 2c735514 1278 460e a9e6 056e08174968
18 points

When you finish it....

Preview 636022d2 bb3b 4515 9287 97a662e37113

As a norwegian I can confirm this

Preview 519da2a2 8a89 455d 87a2 945c0c16a874
3 points

Damn. Also, he said calmly.

Preview 26a56f36 bc45 4724 91c2 fc08d8c97574
10 points

Bootleg starwars subs

Preview b2702c50 bc8a 4df0 b8cf 6a91f49da297

If Fallout did Star Wars.

Preview aec5291f e0d4 4b58 a399 6c65ed9bee9a

It would be kind of cool to have rings around us.

Preview 4306856a 6b96 4ecc a86b f122581d02b7
1 points

Thank you original_blails for the request! Your masterpiece has become reality

Preview 264106bc 0fbe 4b27 865b 0fce8b5e4c5e
2 points

My friend in Tennessee knows how to prepare

Preview c67a30d8 43ce 4b70 a0cf 0258e4d92e70
5 points

Cyka blyat

Preview b586ee9c 7d78 42ee 97b3 4bb3ab2fe389
3 points

[email protected]_the_thrones

Preview a89ecfe7 8ead 4f8d a263 de19d7426ac7

My favorite Xmas pastime

Preview f1f5c16a 3bd1 45e3 8a8f 0c59c2d1331c

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