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Single life has advantages!

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r/NatureIsMetal doesn't like satire. So I came here... to reap the benefits of someone else's work......now I'm sad.

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Good boi

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Yep she was already ded!

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Everything changed when the Vegan Nation attacked.

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I'm 22

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Sweden have lost their true religion

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I ask my gf to draw the male with more muscles...this is what I got

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My weather app threatened me

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Accurate Barking Scale

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Sad truth

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History Repeats Itself

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Relate ! Relate ! Relate !

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A typical indian life

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Didn't expect to see this album art on Spotify

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I bet they'll send the first manned mission to Uranus...

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Wolves in sheep's clothing...

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"I'm not like other girls."

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You already lost the game bruh...

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