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I need advice on this prank

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17 points

It's free, includes all of Netflix's content and more, and lets you keep the files.

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Looks like my next wallpaper

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11 points

Uploading one funny YouTube comment each day #17

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16 points


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17 points

When someone said "memes" this is what you though of, years ago.

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10 points

No comment.

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3 points

It's this time of year again...

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4 points

Black is the colour of my soul

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13 points

Rusia in a nutshell

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15 points

Not everyone will get it

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Copying off the smart kid.

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66 points

Playin with le pussy

Preview 7d973d15 f4ec 4b25 bfdf cb0bbd4304ef

There is just one thing to do!

Preview 9df0ca25 6716 4ad8 b8dd 3ffdd7c3ab01

Just shower thoughts

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15 points

True definition of life...

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78 points

True true

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12 points

How's it ? My friend made it.

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75 points

The time stamps.

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