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10 sq m Room in Ecocapsule

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91 points

Minimalist Home In Nicaragua, Managua

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77 points

Glendessary Lane / PLACE, United States, 2017

Preview d6e5e4e8 fc9c 4b4a b949 e64524c8139f
87 points

Chalet Inside an Existing Awarded Cell / Kokosalaki|Architecture, Greece, 2017

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80 points

A beautiful minimalist living room in Tübingen, Germany

Preview 9ad96717 6c2f 4171 b4f8 374cf6ae8b6d
81 points

Inside the World’s Only Private 787 Dreamliner

Preview 37e4454d d0b6 45d8 93a7 ce119aa08931
91 points

Spacious marble bathroom with a porch and views of the sea in Carmel, CA

Preview 8de0ece1 e77c 421f 9f4e 8884a08867fa
97 points

I was out late one night and decided to check on my dog... 10/10 would buy security camera again

Preview c3033e48 7910 43b1 be2a 45f9226a2382
135 points

Gordon is burnt!

Preview 186e7eda 2db8 4702 b58d 112c5504d81a
113 points

Bright House / HAO Design, Taiwan, 2017

Preview 596ad9cd 3f0b 437a 8a15 03322c2f5ae2
69 points

Mac for work, windows for?

Preview 8456a3ea dbca 49f5 9f19 8757e72c64b3
81 points

My in-laws were uptight about the family photos. How long until they notice this slight edit?

Preview e0117524 9f16 4697 ab14 ea8a573b689b
155 points

The older I get the more I relate to Red.

Preview 370dd827 dd87 4bdc b84e 6ce0fd2058e4
127 points

Main saloon and dining area of this Superyacht

Preview 8fd4933a e53a 428f 8a27 9f672a6265d6
119 points

Spider plant are hallucinogenic to cats, so we moved ours. Think the habit is already formed.

Preview 4641aa3a 64e3 4bf9 8ef3 229f845723de
117 points

Stupid Karen

Preview c477d8a4 11e7 46fd 8f47 d56e3d7cff63
128 points

“...A place where technology and nature beautifully coalesce” La Jolla, California

Preview af56bdb3 05c5 4618 a98b cf6b5c342fca
103 points

I WAS gonna practice on my keyboard today.

Preview 60a5d62b abd9 46c3 8185 2946ee78be42

Sitting room and kitchen of Surrey home, England

Preview 062c510a 8085 42aa 990a 2a718047613d
95 points

Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

Preview cc5e83f9 7e8e 4e2d 87db b1102bdfe3fa
86 points

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