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Anyone want the last olive?

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Drunk passenger calls an Uber, hits the Taco Bell jackpot

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5 points

Headphones are so overrated.

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5 points

So worth $10

Preview a1f4721f 472f 4747 aba1 8ebc9813a582
5 points

A gentleman never asks a lady her age

Preview 83048e5d 3e2c 4b25 b358 4ed355705977
6 points

Oh crap

Preview 50c26da3 ce23 4db2 8256 3d5f5ec8ff98
5 points

Sweet satisfaction

Preview bcfc0f85 5c23 49a1 bfcc e67c7b1a2c3a
4 points

All aboard the Express Train to Feeladelphia,next stop Ocrio

Preview 1ea2e679 0939 4ff9 a170 1f5fcad21c31

Ǝɹǝɥʇ ᴉɥ

Preview f0f556fe c710 4930 92fa ed93fc43a050

Bye bye

Preview 1504c879 e4ce 48c3 9da8 cbd8d8254cab
5 points

I see your dog...and show you sunshine (cat's name)

Preview 8fb06ba9 116c 4909 9b17 1679b5286ab3

There will come a time...

Preview eb3d0605 6336 46f6 b368 4ef7b199f604
7 points

I see your overly attached dog...and show you one hungry cat

Preview 783feba1 7164 4574 8f3d 3d0918c97889

Hogwarts irl only in Romania

Preview 73f70320 3108 4b8f a53d bac06c24c7d1
6 points

He's not blind... just weird

Preview caffa05f 3d00 4eb1 9b9c c4a78bf6c5c3

What even is?

Preview 38541cf5 2875 47ad 83ae 70100899de91
9 points

My favorite anime

Preview b596943a ff47 419a a1dc 953c0e82b89f

The girl in front of me was excited about her first flight. This was how we spent the entire two hours.

Preview d52668ef d44e 4a3f a7b7 3489f49b4ba2
7 points

Bathroom in Aspen, Colorado estate

Preview a3f5bbb7 ba05 4c34 9ebd e5d6945461f8
5 points

I guess my cat felt betrayed

Preview 7ac4004f d2b9 4321 8c86 ec84b6adc929

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