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Stop kicking the seat human

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14 points

Texas is being hit hard. Y'all remember us.

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15 points

My Pantry

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My outdoor cats can't get enough food. Think I figured out why.

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How To Stop Bullying

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Found this at the beach in a little ice cream parlor

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22 points

Therapy dogs patiently waiting for their children

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125 points

Describe your post...

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18 points

IT Closet

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16 points

Oldest French Flag Captured On A Ship In 1800.

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17 points

When you go to leave the house and reach for the light switch but something doesn't feel right

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These beautifully connected tiles

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15 points

I want to be a good boy

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15 points

I just had to take the opportunity

Preview ba9c9d53 63fb 474e 9997 a826d7d7773d
13 points

My cat enjoying her new bed

Preview b81e7278 4348 42f2 b622 e05e87872951

Game of the Rings?

Preview e4c8521d 0746 4dbb b0bf 184a6fd2c1c6

This picture makes me happy

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8 points

Agree, but I won't come if you whistle me

Preview 1a2aedb6 8e93 4dd6 a385 8e6b1cb950ef
20 points

PPhone SE: Strawberry Edition

Preview 50ef2187 5e96 4614 9018 8bd585464745

Tough decisions

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