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Aim high

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8 points

Can we have some railings here please?

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Drive Thru Dentist

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21 points

It's really slow at work.

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75 points

Well this looks safe.

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51 points

Northeastern University Gym

Preview 5e5e3a23 617c 4e5f 8a62 5677b5a8d215
81 points

Little old lady at made this for us at the art supply store I work at. The nose is dog poop.

Preview 0f8c57bc 42aa 411a a87f f9f62fa3e5a0
61 points

Target doesn’t want me to succeed.

Preview 7dbdb9f0 e2b5 4e22 a38e 99f73ff5cd4a
78 points

My uncle broke his leg today. He said it didn't even hurt.

Preview d3a69501 b754 4d95 baf0 599537c34d06
57 points


Preview cdb73905 30dd 47d4 b9c2 0ba6f3c0d72f
45 points

I took a slow mo video of me shooting a gun and this ended up as one of the frames not photo shopped

Preview f524f641 5a6d 4f26 9e36 01561a8c2552

Just beat testicular cancer, so from now on these will be my pen of choice for nursing school.

Preview dd9619d7 ba89 482f 9cf4 f176df9d753e
49 points

This is the best they can do? A collection of wires and wires and wires seen near the phone center in Pattaya, Thailand. December 2017.

Preview 6248086e ad02 4fb4 be7f 345e2b8be6b5
49 points

Reddit got their new servers in.

Preview ca494d34 929d 4b2e bb1c b13f0e7e8b70
23 points

Iron Maiden came to Munich for refueling purposes

Preview 2fe9a838 2520 4c7d 9571 b81a7ec85a1c
22 points

The inside of a smokers computer. "No, I can't just blow it out"

Preview 93fea5f3 e00d 41c0 b14d 500608668298
23 points

Maybe, just maybe, someone in marketing should have chosen a different font.

Preview 6196f4dc d954 45fc 8e11 b734bfc81e37
24 points

When you ask what else could go wrong today

Preview 6c833ddd 4c6e 4e6b 82a2 6d21bd3e25d2
20 points

Some things need to be left in the hands of a professional....

Preview 14f50d2f 1d7a 4640 aca6 fcb0c5744016
65 points

A volunteer at our local cat rescue turned on the vacuum

Preview 9543aca3 4aff 4432 8927 aa463c385033
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