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The cube from startrek built with painted motherboards

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The saddest aisle in the supermarket.

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14 points

Russian Transformer

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Ssssurprise Motherf**ker

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9 points

Walmart be like

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16 points

Krillin died again.

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9 points

Gold Coast mother found one of the deadliest snakes on the planet in her son's playroom, wrapped around his LEGO set

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15 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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16 points

This is Anna. I met her a month ago and found out she's doing a 6-year World Walk. She limits herself to 20 miles a day, max.

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15 points

Instructions unclear

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9 points


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6 points

This man matches his car perfectly

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9 points

Bunch of prop legs ordered for a haunted house

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9 points

This kills the Tahoe

Preview a97828b2 5b90 4f42 9db1 7f1b0ca073f3
7 points

Local electrician does all houses like this, the plumber too.

Preview 133123a7 498f 45d3 bcde ecd18b4f739d
14 points

Top of Mast

Preview 4a9815b8 666f 4796 8e83 22417893e459

It's safe to say OSHA doesn't exist here

Preview 3f81b632 1381 4435 9f6f a9593050b491
14 points

Bike race ruined when bridge raises to let a sail boat through just before finish line.

Preview bf66a44d 8259 42f8 8366 68cf34d4164f
14 points

This man doesn't love his kids

Preview 26ce1289 46a3 4129 ad51 0773160672a8
14 points

These $50 carabiners have a security lock even though you can just unhook them

Preview ccb99a2f 7be9 488d aaff d35df72de38f
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