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Scene from Wednesday morning commute....

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85 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

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73 points

Mama Freighter nursing her young

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56 points

Modern loft living space, New York NY,

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24 points

I really hope they let us choose this......

Preview 677b7b27 2440 4317 a00d 924e64094a15
79 points

Someone call The Hauge

Preview c65f0db6 b1fc 491d 93c2 c67848c41bdc
89 points

This man dressed up as a delivery man to steal a case of beer... he deserves it

Preview 3cfd686b 95e1 4d03 911f a6549868ca93
69 points

Well, I guess that's one way to do it

Preview 1742f5a9 fbe5 499f b6e4 9ccef0078b52
102 points

It's a goal

Preview 5267e142 5a1b 4041 bf34 00007dd0b9fc

This is 125ft up IIRC. Seemed mildly r/Sweatypalms given that you don't have the harness clipped on here.

Preview 5579a45a 4f03 4968 bd87 6e3b01441d03

Kids these days be like "SNACK TIME!"

Preview b3a07f53 b82b 43c2 9f02 874ae709b29c
104 points

What could go wrong if I just leave it up?

Preview dcb91e3f 7f51 4f70 bc19 7e36415bf5f0
76 points

The most redneck wedding in southern history.

Preview 5542b1fc 8d78 413c b065 1e8467861397
89 points

Aim high

Preview 4be8c555 039d 485d 8bc5 3b1908584d75
49 points

Can we have some railings here please?

Preview fe7afbb3 32bb 4bd8 b2d5 a33e09166479

Drive Thru Dentist

Preview a881239f 645b 4ff6 ac00 7374eebc6179
69 points

It's really slow at work.

Preview d8baa95f e6e1 43cb bf5b 6594729f747d
89 points

Well this looks safe.

Preview 157e5e46 1b83 41ec a3d7 300a8ba2b404
66 points

Northeastern University Gym

Preview 5e5e3a23 617c 4e5f 8a62 5677b5a8d215
92 points

Little old lady at made this for us at the art supply store I work at. The nose is dog poop.

Preview 0f8c57bc 42aa 411a a87f f9f62fa3e5a0
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