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So, this isn't how you're supposed to paint prep your vehicle?

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6 points

Neat little lizard

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7 points

My husbands a plumber and this was one of his calls today for a "small leak"

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9 points

Just wasn't the same...

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13 points

So much nope

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Capsule Corp.

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4 points

Just some things you see doing foundation inspections in LA

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8 points

Slide in berlin mall

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61 points

Where I work, I have to select the best potatoes. Dream job?

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7 points

Remember this?

Preview 1e254d0b 1196 4ff0 9f5c 4be3e12b6f2c
8 points

A map of the internet in 1995

Preview 0af1f729 78bd 4901 ac65 a141f49d0ab1
7 points

Tried to photograph a colorful tractor. Realized I actually photographed a sad cyborg sitting in its engine block.

Preview 74c35c14 2fc1 41bb b289 156923025c12
12 points

The reason I hate working at Hobby Lobby. F**king Christmas starts in June.

Preview 0dce9f8e 522f 4b9c b776 7608ff6e5daf
9 points

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is

Preview c7083c36 c41f 4ef6 8e1a beeb5d43277f
9 points

The kind of art work I do.

Preview d7161815 b680 491e b087 9a1092c837c5
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Preview ce942d5f a209 4a94 a023 418617505f03

It's Working!

Preview 5d3d3b4a 7d56 402d 94ce 5b8a20989cb2

Better than Subway does

Preview fe2561ad 93d0 417a 8304 e83d7a41d603
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Update 2: Got it running, time to start body work

Preview 10615c6c 09fa 47c8 9163 b4ce88376305
2 points

Four ways to say "go away"

Preview 21da9c23 c412 4248 9115 3e547e5774e9

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