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World's first working nuclear power plant started in 1951. It could illuminate four 200 watt light bulbs, making it the first nuclear reacto

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68 points

Recess back in the 1900s

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58 points

Meanwhile in Tampa Bay, Florida...

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19 points

Good to see Snoop Dog's morning delivery is on schedule

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16 points

The 082 show room located in Milan, Italy.

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18 points

Meanwhile in Canada!

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21 points

Sometimes bad decisions are easy to see a long way off.

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22 points


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21 points

How to improve a Mac

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14 points

Nightfall Approaching in New York City on September 10, 2001

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24 points

Line maintenance

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48 points

Traffic School need to update

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21 points

Custom built tool chest

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21 points

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition

Preview 4bd1fd8d 8e09 43ba 85ab a0dacaa3dce1
24 points

This can of bug spray looks like a Finding Nemo character.

Preview 00ed2d64 629f 445f b907 28f6cbeed82d
63 points

The world's dumbest mud dauber

Preview 4529ceaa 3ad9 4fd7 a7bd 55463280285e
97 points

I was looking for oil for my car when I came across this beauty.

Preview 3dbb15bf 6a2b 40f0 b47f f293dd4c7d70
23 points


Preview 03f7faca 9bf0 4b81 9064 7c84e7c23e4b

It's real

Preview 6fa2224d 08e3 4ba6 9bad 088b2adc0d80

Daily sci fi wallpaper #4

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