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Gordon Ramsey, Jr.

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16 points

Realistic silicone babies are the stuff of nightmares

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80 points

X-Post from r/the_donald

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10 points

This is him now.

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76 points

Foar mosd of us its the secont lenguege

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1 points

Mannn It feels good

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2 points

Oh my deer

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2 points

Wilderness Explorer!

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2 points

Hard work, Sacrifice and the absolute will to succeed! ALWAYS believe in yourself... even if no one else does!

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5 points

Started with 105kg now 86.3kg 6kg more to go :D

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3 points

Pics to prove

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3 points

Such a good feeling

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2 points

Parenting done right .. in a nerd way

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3 points

Childhood Ruined ...

Preview 83756468 2401 4771 8ee2 76b31959a9a4
330 points

F**k you kid.

Preview 7b1bad7d 6733 4827 9a73 5ac0940aaf57
230 points

Middle child sydrome

Preview 36617dc4 0969 4a7f 870f 77f78bb24ead
196 points

Believe me, it was massive

Preview 08de5700 82d6 4e51 a154 1930c3ad8f90
123 points

I'm so proud of me. It's my third language

Preview 4c97ae08 0349 4ad9 8289 7627bcd6aee8
88 points

Definitely a turn on

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117 points

Which style is the best?

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