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Our newest granddaughter was born 2 hours ago. Clearly she will be a handful.

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(X) Doubt

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It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

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cute baby

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This toy dog shits, then kids feed the shit to him

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How should I celebrate?

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I encourage everyone here to start beekeeping

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How to make your kids take their medicine

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Cheeki breeki iv damke

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What all the cool Asian kids are gonna dress up as this Halloween!

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I'm working on an RPG game and everyone at the office likes my designs

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And we are as happy as can be!!!

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And we wants it

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The sad thing is, leftist will never listen and more children will have their entire lives ruined in the name of a twisted ideology

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It's time to stop

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59 points

Not in a row of course

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True indeed

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