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An Egyptian floor mosaic depicting a dog and a knocked-over gold vessel. c. 200-100 BC

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This meteor

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83 points

Kill it with fire

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78 points

Is that little guy doing a fist pump?

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105 points

Someone made a Transformer out of insects

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66 points

A figure made from bug carcasses

Preview 1691cc12 5ba5 4dc9 81df 13ba9057c8ac
55 points

This really got to me.

Preview fadfca34 2e1e 421b 83a3 fe624a885367
92 points

Looking through a second story window, this is on my neighbors roof... it’s gotta be an alien!

Preview 65a1e9c1 460f 48a7 99fb c08f1012ca99
76 points

Spider vs Bee

Preview 4b4b2ad5 681b 4581 b5fc 9b4abecea85a

I do not blame this man for his actions

Preview cd4d5b45 c177 4c36 be10 20d1afca0f5c
106 points

Catching the fish.

Preview a8135030 97fb 4e48 8818 ab7191fe982e

Called it

Preview 6bb51587 3f7e 409a 807c 52eaad48ece4
96 points

Firefly all lit up

Preview 594b35d2 8e76 45ea 9be8 dd3c78177d14

This is what the vascular system of a leaf looks like

Preview f1878951 fbd4 4e15 aeb7 adee489dacbb
91 points

Blue-banded bee

Preview 7363af53 7410 4b6d ab55 ad2016b05c69

Ow! That's my back!

Preview e55f3c58 3bd8 475f afb6 99526fb66b70

Hawk firing projectiles

Preview 15246ab0 b51b 4f61 a3ed e84d03c58fd7
104 points

It is good to bee aware of the difference.

Preview 0425ca3f 7b2b 40c7 95f6 925606b4fe70
103 points

I too snapped a pic of a butterfly with its wings open

Preview 89007c43 20dc 42a2 b279 03cc4d9460fd

My girlfriend cleaned the soda machines at the gas station she works at.

Preview 57d63819 f2f8 462a 9590 68920ffc68bc
98 points

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