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100-million-year-old ant trapped in Burmese amber had enormous fangs and a metal-reinforced horn for impaling prey

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64 points

What kind of nope is this?

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17 points

Nope chart

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14 points

What alien species has invaded Las Vegas, NV??

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21 points

The more you know

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11 points

This weird af spider that built a web from the neighbor's fence to our house....

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17 points

Horse hair worm inside a mantis

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2 points

proof that nature hates us

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14 points

Ant inside a droplet of water, on top of a flower

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Cute Nope. The Peacoke Spider.

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That is the question.

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Found this stuck to a sticky mouse trap in the basement, WHAT THE F*CK IS IT?!

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The pun is too much...

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Butterfly turns to look as it flies away.

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International Space Station #Eclipse photobomb via @NASA

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17 points

Some rare mutation in the world

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17 points

Does anyone do origami?

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Crazy ass/beautiful wasp in my yard in Michigan.

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