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This is pretty cool ο_ο

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110 points

I feel this is accurate

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183 points

Caterpillars shed their heads!

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140 points

Me feeding this squirrel some bread

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Landed on the window for a second

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Bombylius major, I've never seen one before and managed to get this photo before it flew away.

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Oh no

Preview 61d67949 7f33 4a7b a097 c49a4bbedfc7
104 points

This mosquito has stolen a lot of blood

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88 points

Stone Toad Steve Austin

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114 points

Bee pooping mid-flight

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132 points

An Egyptian floor mosaic depicting a dog and a knocked-over gold vessel. c. 200-100 BC

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This meteor

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99 points

Kill it with fire

Preview d234596a 96fa 413f be30 af136456c030
110 points

Is that little guy doing a fist pump?

Preview 7069c293 7ba9 451d 8aec 99f26ee47ad2
137 points

This frog jumping just in time

Preview 94ea7ffb cc4b 4298 9316 efcfcaa88d36
134 points

Someone made a Transformer out of insects

Preview 577a9ff3 4cc2 4294 8592 e1dc84a119d1
107 points

A figure made from bug carcasses

Preview 1691cc12 5ba5 4dc9 81df 13ba9057c8ac
130 points

This really got to me.

Preview fadfca34 2e1e 421b 83a3 fe624a885367
110 points

Looking through a second story window, this is on my neighbors roof... it’s gotta be an alien!

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