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Butterfly turns to look as it flies away.

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International Space Station #Eclipse photobomb via @NASA

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Some rare mutation in the world

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Crazy ass/beautiful wasp in my yard in Michigan.

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127 points

perfectly timed

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Photographer captured the incredible scene of the tiny ant hauling a huge bee

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12 points

Lady wolf spider and family - crosspost

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Would You still call hanz ?

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This butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorph: literally half male, half female.

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58 points

Cat on drugs

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The local cicadas are sponsored by McDonald's

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Just found this amazing creature

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Cockroach ashtray found on a wall

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136 points

How did she pull that off


Found on my car window at six am. Didn't need coffee to wake me up this morning.

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80 points

Ant lifting a bee five times its size

Preview a23fd1f3 c5c3 4c00 bc38 9b4cd7dd1256
63 points

F**k you, autistic bird!

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Just pulled this out of my belly button.

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4 points

My life in one pic :(

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The stray cat that hangs out on my porch brought me a present

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