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He says his name is Arthur and he's looking for a guy named The Terror...

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10 points

Bird made from old CDs

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11 points

Wasps are c**ts

Preview 19f815e3 0ab8 46a5 a2c0 f68c29c5360c
93 points

Anyone hungry for ootheca?

Preview 2949cf2b 985c 40cf bd9f 5de30f384811
20 points

Originally from r/insanepeopleoffacebook

Preview c8dd634f ca98 4353 b6df e3e932da738c
21 points

No Regretz

Preview 364131ae d8bc 492e bc1c 5f0e503808e5
23 points

What did the bees do after they got married?

Preview 610a3414 9ec2 4062 9cc6 f6e0419dc659
19 points

What kinda nope is this Cap?

Preview c3d7de13 0dcb 4496 908e c42a21bd5060
16 points

Fly fact

Preview 79ae401f 8c6d 4967 aeba f3a41de75fa5
24 points

When you're drunk and you have to use the public transport

Preview fe415d47 84be 4c66 baf4 f530eb58cb99
27 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

Preview ba16bf8a 8d98 484b a7dc 381754311f62
15 points

Bad ass

Preview bb689630 5aca 4eec 95ca 8577b22ce07b
23 points

batty jackpot

Preview 5533597a 1ef6 46e9 895a 78f806e7386f

Post and Crown fell out 4 days before my wedding

Preview a604927a ebb6 45b2 9ab2 0b22133d32c8
19 points

Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Cocoon

Preview cd4b86f3 ecd0 4f5e a82e d6632405dc64
64 points

The f*ck is this?

Preview a6274089 1534 44c3 910b 472077de7b33
6 points

Ladybug Liftoff

Preview d9d2a25c 7dce 4553 9892 b3c76d51d115

This dragonfly looks like he just farted and is really pleased with himself

Preview 195102ad 88fb 4ed9 8ff4 edb78f03579d
20 points

Lobster in a bucket looks like a gigantic monster on a metallic planet, and the waterdrops look like stars.

Preview 56384235 1341 4f60 adb1 099b8907e397
79 points

🔥 The Scorpion Dragon Fly. Yes, they exist.🔥

Preview fdca9349 8aa1 42ca bb85 3e70b6ae554a
23 points

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