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This is what the vascular system of a leaf looks like

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79 points

Blue-banded bee

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Ow! That's my back!

Preview e55f3c58 3bd8 475f afb6 99526fb66b70

Hawk firing projectiles

Preview 15246ab0 b51b 4f61 a3ed e84d03c58fd7

It is good to bee aware of the difference.

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92 points

I too snapped a pic of a butterfly with its wings open

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My girlfriend cleaned the soda machines at the gas station she works at.

Preview 57d63819 f2f8 462a 9590 68920ffc68bc
78 points

Caught a picture of a butterfly wings open

Preview 38687da9 ea26 4c55 b874 1b019bef9db1

This Pelican spider

Preview 67de13a2 7da5 43a5 bb93 6c7f4a2c5c8f
87 points

Yesterday my little sister said she was going to make a walking stick, I assumed she meant one for helping you walk, but today I found this on the front porch

Preview b4f55e34 2c59 4a53 a2ef 776fac9840ed
81 points

Ladybug landing on my finger

Preview 0d5c2b16 d4ab 4094 89bb 9a1a78f2b2f9

Someone strongly disagrees...

Preview 843bdbec fe50 4289 a0bd f07e8106d7d2
76 points

When the blacksmith has no more work to do

Preview 0b3aad34 abba 4990 be97 3f150adc14b0
24 points

Is Arizona the new Australia?

Preview 58614de0 8e1b 4022 90ce 13effbe6f0bd
35 points

This pun mite just take off

Preview 67cb85b0 97a8 4688 a100 4c716e0d8766
34 points

sweet little ladybug kisses

Preview 8b1a2596 43e5 4316 9a39 2777403aa44a
22 points

Firefly all lit up

Preview d794b1d3 8ad3 4969 b094 22a6c8a9f7f2

Anyone missing their dreads? I found them in Utah...

Preview 1aa7a1f9 0d99 4c03 8010 8e006574d54c
24 points

The ‘Queen’

Preview d7218638 4601 4134 9dff d6cfb3567eb4
14 points

He says his name is Arthur and he's looking for a guy named The Terror...

Preview bb233dcf 10c6 4ee7 8119 1179df5354bb
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