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Excellent storage idea

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244 points

What are these chairs there for??

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127 points

Award-winning Vintage Kitchen in 1910 Nautical Cabin | Seaside, OR

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113 points

Wooden cottage in Montana, by Locati Architects.

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83 points

Architect office with a delta style 3D printer building a maquette

Preview 9d02b694 3b82 4269 9f50 e226ba9a4967
91 points

Open kitchen/dining room located on Floreana Island, Ecuador

Preview 3591989b 571f 4b97 909e e625e9948d61
87 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

Preview 7f346f44 7511 44c1 b442 5f60d875775b
113 points

I finally joined the #MasterRace

Preview e12a1f06 e917 447a b012 f00d7c77ffec
190 points

Dream Closet in Utah

Preview cc493239 eb97 433a 929d 462f70b8387b
152 points

Bedroom features angled, floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing a view of Lake Austin in Austin, Texas.

Preview 1f9ec498 0fd4 4faf b522 6c69756a035f
113 points

Insane Guys Carve Up A Nintendo Switch With A Waterjet, But The Device Keeps on Gaming

265 points

Pretty neat stairs design

Preview 18c0a5a5 d06c 4f48 bcdc 176de1da4096
112 points

It's a trap!

Preview 53e3bc3b 8c8a 4159 bad4 e4df4aece08f
90 points

When wife is not at home. only 3 left

Preview 532cd1ba 01ab 4a76 8341 588e2e5a1ebb
75 points

Living room with plenty of natural light located in Luque, Paraguay

Preview 8dd1d8ea 91c4 40ab 8d8c 08b1ea3cd25c
103 points

Just got a phone call from my wife. Not all heroes wear capes!

Preview f9006535 ed09 4c0e 924f 88c7317511e8
150 points

I found this dog by the road. Should I keep it?

Preview 96f47c26 5ae2 4978 b373 ab1370747bf4
61 points

First time flying.

Preview 35ce32e9 07c4 481e 929f 85d5b7ca228b
83 points

Norwegian Urinal

Preview 39f09b24 9a11 467a 913c faddfeae0690
143 points

If it helps it's not stupid, diet plates.

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143 points

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