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Living and dining area of Oak Residence in Quebec City

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21 points

Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

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18 points

Beautiful new construction house in Atherton, Ca

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59 points

Those dang moths keep getting bigger every year!

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21 points

Proud of how my living room has come together!

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57 points

The living room of a $45m home in San Diego

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72 points

Beautiful Design & Decoration

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72 points

Pool in the Main Room, Vicarage Refurbishment, Cheshire

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50 points

Loft in the Swiss Alps by architect Heinz Julen

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53 points

This is what happens in my hometown when you don't leave the faucet trickling in the winter. Pipes bursting in Watertown, NY.

Preview a975d67f 05ce 4a13 a304 2773f7fa88d7
72 points

Sitting area features a snug wood burning fireplace in this Florida custom tiny home inspired by a gypsy caravan

Preview 1c67efd5 dafc 4fbf bd05 15037a4b0a71
23 points

Tiffany Dome built in 1907, 1.6m Pieces of Iridescent Glass. Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Preview 11917782 6c55 4e05 b243 dceb3c2133e1
54 points

My husbands boss' kitchen and living room view of Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA

Preview 31cd6e95 b653 4f7c a6b2 a30233301b63
50 points

Living Room in a custom home in the Mountains of Utah

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44 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

Preview 5202fb59 8306 4512 bdd0 0822f4c394ea

Livingroom of a NYC brownstone

Preview 4e2cce4d ecbc 4784 b736 d6572643d4cf
23 points

NYC apartment converted from a clock tower circa 1905

Preview 7925aa78 c826 4713 87ae 0ac296ac5243
39 points

Bright kitchen with herringbone patterned walls and a dramatic 14-foot ceilings in this home in Higley, Arizona.

Preview 3a8bb935 dbe9 4ced 8a97 24155cf04bdf
24 points

Chic living area in this Tribeca, NY loft

Preview 3c521e43 ec7d 43b1 87b4 fb7753fc3b5b
23 points

Newly renovated spa in Cologne

Preview 6c24298e 6b78 495d a42d af45e520dd2e
19 points

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