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Brighton East Interior / Dan Gayfer Design , Australia, 2014

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52 points

Warm industrial loft in Santa Monica, CA

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65 points

Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda , France, 2017

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71 points

Bathroom, Brooklyn, NY

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50 points

House of Many-Worlds / Austigard Arkitektur, Norway, 2018

Preview 918e3975 ebf6 4571 a2eb d86c8f416b3c
54 points

Open concept dining/living space featuring open shelving and concrete waterfall attached table in Kansas City

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54 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

Preview ccf781bb f64e 48a7 a3e9 fb276fc15218
23 points

Spacious bathroom in Atlanta home

Preview c1b51375 05ae 4880 8659 8d0dbd1473f2
57 points

Brand new kitchen in Aspen, CO

Preview 31e8214a 5354 443a bdd8 b8922f4cd4a9
23 points

Monochrome living space in a flat in an overhauled Edwardian building, London, UK

Preview 74791b8f dd20 478f 955e b93fe894eecb
55 points

Mixed-grain Doug fir plank floors are painted white for a clean, airy feel in this Portland, OR industrial warehouse remodel.

Preview 58fb0ad7 9ba1 4ca1 a033 69fd5c6dcf5a
47 points

This bright and airy church conversion in Chicago, IL features 25-foot ceilings with exposed beams.

Preview c024fef2 27d6 497a a642 3bb8b30c8f42
48 points

Every meal in Paris would be horrible. I'd burn each one because I would never bring my eyes down to what I was making!

Preview 0de8b51c 4fa9 41bc 8a08 6575ac65a171
38 points

Entertainment room in Atlanta mansion

Preview 0c6a8502 c6b0 4be7 bab1 634e3a2acd9d
90 points

Stunning master bath in Brooklyn townhouse

Preview cd8fd8a7 a6ee 44a6 9b05 44c534363364
59 points

Dining area extension to a Victorian terraced house with three-storey-high window with a view of the patio, London, UK

Preview 45f4fcd9 9954 45b1 a44d bb12c6da0a80
71 points

Contemporary dining room extension to a brick townhouse with lots of natural light, London, UK

Preview 84a2db9d 9d4b 4920 a7c9 92963f8b74e0
74 points

Kitchen, by Nimtim Architects, Arbour House

Preview a4242440 81d1 4bac 9f7b ec84de415107
22 points

Kitchen in $6,000,000+ Shore House. Cook naked and no one will notice. Jersey Shore.

Preview 55729675 2f2c 449f 917e 2a3da4dcf920
75 points

Stylish bathroom with spruce ceiling joists and a stainless steel Japanese soaking tub in this home in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

Preview 3fd47254 1b29 419b 912d 9fa1efe405a6
97 points

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