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Planetarium Watch

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9 points

67 Jaguar I got for 20.00 at a garage sale.

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13 points

You don't even need a piano...

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10 points

Recycled Pen Casts Shadow of What It's Made Of

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72 points


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53 points

This guitar has a wheel to try out different pickups.

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6 points

This guitar has a wheel to try out different motions

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10 points

Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

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11 points

Who agrees

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52 points

Definition of a sad story :(

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5 points

I'm sure its just a fluke

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1 points

Junkies these days...

Preview 2ee7d65c 16fd 4541 8350 445f11ca9d02
1 points

Slav culture at it's finest

Preview afb5f0c4 f8e0 45c5 b606 336ac3fff19b
2 points

I was driving to get gas, but I thought the trip meter was to coincidental to reset today

Preview b2f1c126 8817 47e2 a3c8 1250f92d8417

WATCH: What Does A Chopstick Piano Sound Like?

220 points

Hail Satan

Preview 738ab495 05fa 43cc 8e6d cb2dd026b6a6
128 points

*insert funny caption*

Preview f6ccfa99 8e3f 46f8 b577 eb332c0b5031
80 points

Guitarists will understand

Preview e2294833 193a 401e 85e4 2bd0de9cf92f
124 points

This is my life now.

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