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Gandalf in Minnesota

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Wrong on so many levels

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23 points

My today's achievement

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19 points

Made a Rick and Morty guitar in anticipation for Season 3

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Spinning like a top.

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Employee goals

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23 points

Pathetic as well !!

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3 points

Once in a lifetime, eh?

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15 points

I will forever cherish it

Preview 7ac1befa 946e 4207 a57e e2d64d2a3139
5 points

Keep calm and meow loud so your owner knows you're at their feet

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1 points

Well I thought it was cool...

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19 points

Dedicated Mother Feeding Her Wrenchlings

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18 points

It was good; unnecessarily overhyped.

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My life in a nutshell

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3 points

The only mummy I'll ever accept.

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4 points

I mean ffs. Popular artists don't even write their own f**king songs anymore nor create their own music

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3 points

Speaking of bullets in rooms, my house was fired upon last night. Woke up to 7 or 8 gunshots, and this bullet bouncing around my bedroom. Busted up my guitar :(

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96 points

Planetarium Watch

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11 points

67 Jaguar I got for 20.00 at a garage sale.

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16 points

You don't even need a piano...

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