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Guitar Playing!!!

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My custom acrylic basses. Left is completed, right is WIP

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43 points

Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser in a rock band, how 90's is that ?

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46 points

Engineering is life

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23 points

Took this picture while another photographer flash was off

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My wife wondered why I was so excited to hit 80k miles

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20 points

Any guitar lovers right here ? This is my 1987 Lespaul Custom Showcase

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*Playing Vitas*

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41 points

A wrench in it's natural habitat

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24 points

Gandalf in Minnesota

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Wrong on so many levels

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36 points

My today's achievement

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21 points

Made a Rick and Morty guitar in anticipation for Season 3

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Spinning like a top.

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Employee goals

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87 points

Pathetic as well !!

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5 points

Once in a lifetime, eh?

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