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My mileage says BOOBS! The 5th grader part of me is cracking up right now.

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188 points

I'm torn!

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226 points

Sideways tuck.

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144 points

The Impossible

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187 points

So true

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107 points

Perfect ad placement

Preview 3d88a1b7 a70c 4f64 ab6b 6e3adedfd00d
98 points

This terrifying patio heater

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86 points

Cue mild palm sweating

Preview 25f3e508 8018 4b2f a59b b02fbfb4ad00

Back in my day...

Preview dae7155b 9d88 4c04 8c63 57415815bb8a
108 points

Is there something wrong?

Preview 29373cf1 77c2 4540 b120 5ecb0f576135
103 points

"And the ghost of Bob Marley, that haunts me to this day..."

Preview 262f4709 81ad 4743 a02b 4e9d0c9dab61
141 points

Caught a rare occurrence

Preview a6d6cf85 cd73 4993 9105 3deb8d227e39
130 points

Incredible likeness

Preview 0fb7e3ce 0771 4a09 8921 1778fc33bbb3
123 points

Opening theme song.

Preview 2d4da2f7 e328 489f aa8d 3f1d8a542fb2
127 points

I hate this clock in our rental condo. What time is it?!

Preview c9a4801f e070 4fb1 a124 367eb7d9b2c5
104 points

My house is fully protected!

Preview c8b79d54 28a6 4c66 a72b 0e6d347bfe3e
87 points

It's hard to appreciate the CVS receipt references on Reddit until you experience it first hand. Total amount spent: $9.66

Preview 865d2abf 47c6 4b4e a3a7 9b88f542c4a0
79 points

Simple breakfast nook with wrap-around windows in this home located in the Santa Lucia Mountains, California.

Preview f16b4dd4 a538 4829 946e 7396fbe79efe
72 points

When Facebook says it protects our privacy

Preview d00c91c7 e29f 4b7b 9a73 3cc7875160fd
144 points

Mortar squad

Preview 7f8cb76e 3ebf 4cfc a6ac 6844358e3d35

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